Park Chang-hwan’s message of support, “I’m sad… but I hope you get a good result.”

Park Chang-hwan sent a message of support to the athletes of the Olympic team.

FC Seoul won 1-0 over Seoul E-Land FC in the third round of the 2024 Hana Bank Korea Cup at Mokdong Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on the 17th.

After the game, Park said, “Many fans came, and I am sorry that I did not win. Personally, I am just sorry that the game was not satisfactory. I had to stay calm, so I played in a hurry, and I made more mistakes than I thought.”

Park’s main position is the central midfielder. However, as Osmar and Kim O-gyu were absent, Park came to the center of the three-back. Park was in charge of distributing the ball to E-Land in Seoul. FC Seoul provided strength to the mid field, and Park connected the ball to his teammate through a long kick from the back. Through quick and accurate conversion of the ball against the E-Land in Seoul, Park penetrated the team’s offense. He displayed clever behavior in defense situations as well, blocking FC Seoul’s offense.

“I came out as a center back, but I didn’t have any difficulties. I was confident because I sometimes played as a center back in practice matches. Still, since it was an official match, I felt a lot of pressure and I think I made a lot of mistakes. I prefer to play from the back. I should have given better balls to my teammates, but I’m sorry I couldn’t do that,” Park said.

Currently, the Korean national team participated in the U23 Asian Cup to qualify for the Paris Olympics. Unfortunately, 고수익알바 Park could not make it. In September 2021, Park was called by coach Hwang Sun-hong. Since then, he has built his footing in and out of the national team. He also participated in the U22 Doha Cup in 2023, playing matches and winning the title. In January this year, he participated in an off-season training camp in Turkiye, but was not selected for the final U23 Asian Cup.

“Honestly, I have some regrets, but it is already over. Now, I want to focus on what I have to do from now on. I will forget all my regrets, root for me as a member of the people, and strive for my future. I hope the U23 national team will achieve good results,” Park said in a message of support.

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