What are you doing in the cockpit! MLB Coach Boasting of Riding in the cockpit on an away trip, FAA Enters Investigation

The hitting coach’s boast of boarding the cockpit during the Major League Baseball club Colorado Rockies’ away trip is causing a big stir.

ESPN reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time) that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and United Airlines are investigating what happened during the Rockies’ team’s expedition.

Colorado’s squad previously traveled from Denver to Toronto on a chartered flight for an away game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Hensley Mullen, the strike coach, did something he shouldn’t do in the process. He visited the plane’s cockpit and took a video while sitting in the captain’s seat.
He even proudly posted the video on his social media, explaining, “I had a great time in the cockpit on my way from Denver to Toronto. Thank you captain and assistant manager for allowing me a wonderful experience.”

He later deleted the video, but the water was already spilled.

“We were deeply anxious to see a video of an unauthorized person appearing to be in the rowing seat with an autopilot set and at cruise altitude,” United Airlines, which operated the chartered flights, said in a statement. “We reported the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and put the pilots on hold while the investigation is underway.”

An FAA official said, “We cannot disclose the matter under investigation,” but added, “Federal regulations prohibit certain individuals from accessing the cockpit.”

The Rockies have refused to comment. 고소득알바

Mullen is in his second season as a coach in Colorado. He is well-known to Korean fans as the coach of the Dutch national baseball team.

Colorado Rockies finished six consecutive away games between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies with one win and five losses. It will hold a series of home games against the Seattle Mariners from Tuesday.

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