“GK humiliation goal.” Song Min-gyu, after the goal, Jeonbuk also comes to life… “At the moment of sliding, I thought it was a goal.”

With Song Min-gyu (24) scoring a goal, Jeonbuk Hyundai is also reviving.
Jeonbuk Hyundai beat FC Seoul 3-2 in an away match of the eighth round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2024” held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 20th. Jeonbuk, which had no win (three draws and three losses) in six games since the opening game, has won two consecutive games since its victory over Gwangju FC. It also moved up from 10th to 8th.

Song Min-gyu started as a sagging striker and scored one goal and one assist, and was very active. In particular, the scene where he led an error and scored the first goal in the 7th minute of the first half was the highlight. Song Min-gyu, who was pressing forward just as goalkeeper Choi Cheol-won tried to hold the ball and pass it, slid quickly. The ball hit Song Min-gyu’s foot and went into the goal.

Song Min-gyu also helped Lee Young-jae score an equalizer in the 38th minute of the first half when his team was losing 1-2. When he saw Lee Young-jae running forward, he stabbed a diagonal pass, and Lee advanced into the penalty box and scored with a cheerful left foot shot in front of the defense.

As a result, Song scored two goals in a row and scored three offensive points in three consecutive games. He has two goals and three assists in this season’s league.

After the game, Song Min-gyu said, “It could be a chaotic atmosphere under the acting president Park Won-jae system, but I wanted to rebound the situation. When I met the team called Seoul, I wanted to give joy to my fans even if it was because of my jinx that I did not lose. I am glad that I won.”
When asked if he expected the scoring situation, he said, “Of course, I expected it and pressed forward, and the moment the goalkeeper (Choi Cheol-won) caught it, I thought, ‘This is a goal.’ Instinctively, he made a tackle. I was lucky enough to score a goal.” “I don’t really play tackle, but I think it helped me slide well because it rained,” he said.

Song Min-gyu, who had no score in the league this season, accidentally scored three consecutive offensive points right after Dan Petrescu was replaced. There is an opinion that Petrescu played straight and thick soccer, and now he plays detailed soccer with build-up. “In fact, wouldn’t straight soccer be more suitable for Jeonbuk?” Song Min-gyu said, “At present, I am only thinking about (as a striker) how to break through dense defense and how to overcome it when pressure comes in.”

Song ran for more than 100 minutes until the extra time in the first half and the second half. He also collapsed as if he was exhausted at the end of the game. “I don’t have much physical burden. I just lay down for a while because I was tired,” he said, drawing laughter. “It’s not enough to use the expression exhaustion.”

Jeonbuk has been undefeated in 23 matches against Seoul for more than six years since July 2017. Song Min-gyu said, “If jinks accumulate and accumulate, the player seems to be agonizing at least once, ‘What if he can’t win today?’ (Seoul players) must have had some psychological factors.” 유흥알바

After Song scored, his team is on the mend. All he can think of is goals and help. “I always think about how to score goals and help others and raise their offensive points while playing soccer,” Song said, vowing to continue his career.

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