Acting Daegu Jeong Seon-ho, “Born 1989-35 years old,” said, “I hope you enjoy soccer.”

Born in 1989, the 35-year-old acting coach had a clear goal. This is a change in the team atmosphere.

Daegu FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen had a 0-0 draw in the eighth round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu on the 21st.

Daegu added one point on the day and ranked 10th, ahead of Gwangju, which had one win, four draws, three losses and seven points, one game less.

Daegu’s baton was taken by acting coach Jeong Sun-ho, who was born in 1989. It was an emergency prescription to fill the gap caused by Choi Won-kwon’s resignation.

Acting President Chung constantly stressed the importance of the new coach. Starting with the pre-match interviews, he explained that what he has to do is to change the team’s atmosphere until the players meet with the new coach.

Acting coach Jeong Seon-ho said, “The players worked hard despite tough circumstances. The younger players were also as good as I thought. We couldn’t help but win because we didn’t score a goal. We regret that we couldn’t create more shooting chances. Considering that we trained for one hour yesterday, we showed good performance.”

“I feel this since I was a player, but even one point is important. My goal today was to have our players play with fun and confidence. The players showed that. Young players did their part,” he said.

Acting coach Jeong Seon-ho is playing an important role. He explained, “The coach suddenly resigned and a new coach should join, but he is changing the team’s atmosphere about his role.”

Acting coach Jeong Seon-ho said, “I’m not sure if I’ll play the next game. However, I need to create many shooting chances. You need to create scoring ability through training. If you create more shooting chances than that, you can change things. If one hour of training makes such a change, it can be even better if one has enough time. I believe the new coach will do well.”

“It is quite regrettable that Choi Won-kwon left the team, rather than serving as acting coach. As the youngest leader, I cannot afford to have such an experience. Rather, I had a lot of fun in the stadium. I thought a lot about how my opponent would look. He was a great help to become a coach in the future,” he said.

In particular, he said, “For the club, the coach should come as soon as possible. I don’t meet the qualifications. I hope the coach can come and lead the team soon. It was important to change the atmosphere of the team. I want to turn the tables on him. He told me a lot of positive things so that the players didn’t look dark when they entered the locker room. The new coach will prepare to be tactical. I tried to create a good atmosphere.” 밤알바

A large number of young players participated in Daegu event on the day. They worked fiercely to make changes. Although the team failed to secure victory, the youngest acting coach worked with the players.

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