Even from the perspective of the Japanese media, “Unusual” Klinsman said, “It would be nice to be quiet, but rash remarks provoking Korea.” “The new head coach is also interested.”

Jurgen Klinsmann’s behavior is also unusual for the Japanese media.

Japanese media “Sacker Digest” noted that director Jürgen Klinsmann appeared on the Austrian broadcast and brought up the story of Korea.

Soccer Digest said, “Coach Jurgen Klinsmann started the Austrian program. Revealing that his dismissal was unfair, he recalled the ‘table tennis incident’ that occurred during the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).”

“It would have been better if I had been quiet, but once again, I burst into a comment that provoked Korea. I caused a stir with my rash remarks,” he said negatively evaluating coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s actions.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann once again unraveled the behind-the-scenes story of the Asian Cup, which he had successfully sealed through Austrian media Servus TV. It was already a done deal in Korea. Lee Kang-in made peace with Son Heung-min on a plane that flew to London, England, and the two players celebrated together in the match against Thailand, showing that they became one again. However, coach Jurgen Klinsmann insisted on turning back the clock to defend himself. He seems to be acting like a bad cop, thinking only from his own perspective.

Meanwhile, Soccer Digest also expressed curiosity about the new leadership of the Korean men’s national team, which will succeed Jurgen Klinsmann. “The position of coach of the Korean national team is still vacant. There are wild speculations about the promotion of Hwang Sun-hong, who is in charge of the Korean U-23 team, and the return of Hong Myung-bo, who is in charge of Ulsan HD.” 핑크알바

Jeong Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s power enhancement committee, mentioned in early April that he is currently reviewing a total of 11 people, including four domestic and seven foreign leaders. At that time, the expected appointment time announced by Chairman Chung Hae-sung was in early and mid-May.

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