While Gimcheon and Pohang faltered, Ulsan was in the lead…The battle for the lead in the first part is on fire

The K League 1 lead battle has been set on fire.

Ulsan Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, and Gimcheon Sangmu, ranked first to third in the K-League 1, played a 14th round match of “Hana Bank K-League 1 2024” on the 25th. Only Ulsan smiled as they secured three points. Pohang and Gimcheon had to be satisfied with securing one point each with a draw. Ulsan (27 points) took the lead, and Pohang and Gimcheon (26 points) ranked second. In terms of scores, Pohang (21 goals) ranked second, ahead of Gimcheon (19 goals).

Pohang, which had been showing off unexpected performances with “Taeha Drama,” seems to have seen its upward trajectory slow down. It had two draws and one loss in the recent three games. It was dealt a blow to Suwon FC (0-1) in the 13th round, and had a 2-2 draw with FC Seoul in the 14th round.

However, there are variables such as defender Park Chan-yong joining the army and midfielder Kim Jong-woo falling out due to long-term injuries. In the match against Seoul, striker Giorgi and defender Shin Kwang-hoon were also out due to injuries.

The same applies to Gimcheon. The pace of accumulating points has slowed down. Gimcheon has one win and four draws in the latest five matches. It has no loss, but its draw has increased significantly. In the 14th round, Gimcheon tied 0-0 without a point after sparring with Jeonbuk Hyundai. Gimcheon has been undefeated in nine consecutive matches (four wins and five draws).

Furthermore, Gimcheon will take its last vacation in July after the match against Pohang on the 1st of next month. It is also a time when Gimcheon shows gaps in player composition and organization. Lee Jung-min, politician Kim Hyun-wook and Lee Young-jun, who are currently the main members of the squad, will all be discharged. The key is how quickly the newly joined Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, Park Chan-yong, and Kim Kang-san melt into Gimcheon. 메이저사이트

On the contrary, Ulsan has accumulated points one by one to become the leader. It defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 4-1 in the 14th round and escaped its second consecutive loss. Lee Dong-kyung, who was in good shape, joined the army and Seol Young-woo left the army for a long time due to shoulder surgery.

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo is making a breakthrough through the modified three-back strategy. Choi Kang-min, who is U-22 resource, is filling Seol’s vacancy. Veteran Yoon Il-rok was also willing to change his position to a side defender. Rubik’s Son and Joo Min-kyu (four goals each) are playing their part in the offense. Ulsan ranks first in goal tally with 29 goals in 14 matches. The number is more than two goals per match.

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