Pohang’s “Three Outs of Two Games” is more concerned than the first place lost

Pohang Steelers, which has been competing for the lead, has been hit with an “injury evil spirit.”

Pohang has had three players leave the ground due to injuries in the last two games. Midfielder Kim Jong-woo injured his calf in the extra time of the first half in the 13th round against Suwon FC on the 19th. The test results show that it needs four to six weeks due to calf muscle damage.

FC Seoul and Kim Ki-dong derby had two players leave on Saturday. Shin Kwang-hoon, a starting defender, and Jorida, a striker. Shin was bruised after colliding with a Seoul player while playing defense, but was replaced by Eo Jeong-won in the 17th minute of the first half due to discomfort in his calf muscle.

Jorge injured his ribcage in the 11th minute of the second half. He didn’t look good enough to be stretchered off, but he was diagnosed with a microfracture. “It seems difficult to play for a while,” said a Pohang official.

Pohang, which had been doing well, is now in a break. Coach Park Tae-ha, who took the helm of Pohang ahead of this season, put his team at the top of the list by adding detailed tactics to Pohang despite “concerns about the sense of play.” He continued his 11th consecutive game unbeaten before losing 0-1 to Suwon FC on the 19th.

However, in the match between Suwon FC and FC Seoul (2-2 draw), which failed to win, the main players were out of the lineup due to injury. With Gimcheon Sangmu and Ulsan HD in the midst of a leadership competition, Pohang, which faltered, dropped to second place in about a month after retaking the lead on the 1st of this month.

In fact, injuries to key players during the season are not uncommon. In the 38-game league, an injured player can come anytime, anywhere, but it is bound to be a bigger negative factor for a team competing for the lead. A substitute player can come in and fill the position, but a certain performance cannot be guaranteed.

Moreover, Pohang has been struggling with a recent goal drought. It has scored four goals in the last four games. It is one goal per game, but less than one goal per game is excluded from the opponent’s own goal against Seoul. Seoul has not scored more than multiple goals since the match against Gangwon FC (4-2 win) on the 1st. 메이저놀이터

In other words, the first crisis of the season has hit Pohang, where the trend has been good due to the flexible formation change of coach Park’s system and mercenary skills.

Fortunately, the team will have a two-week A-match break after an away match against Gwangju FC on Friday and a match against Gimcheon Sangmu on March 1. Pohang needs to use this as a period of reorganization.

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