“Fly Lives” in front of grades…K League, 5 coaches already left this year alone

Even Yeom Ki-hoon, manager of Suwon Samsung in the K-League 2, stepped down due to poor performance. At a time when less than half of the season has passed, five coaches have already left the K-League.

Coach Yeom announced his voluntary resignation from the street after losing 1-3 to Seoul E-Land FC in the 15th round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” at Suwon World Cup Stadium, his home stadium, on the 25th.

This is because fans waiting outside the stadium immediately after the game protested the poor performance and blocked the club’s bus and demanded Yeom resign.

While it is certain that he is a legendary player in Suwon alone, as he had 49 goals and 87 assists in 333 games. As a manager, he had to pack during the season after losing five consecutive seasons in the second division league.

Yeom is not the first coach to resign since the opening of this season. This year alone, there are already five coaches who stepped down with full responsibility for poor performance.

In March, K League 2 Seongnam FC manager Lee Ki-hyung was replaced after just three games after the season opened.

Seongnam, which lost the match against Ansan Greeners FC after a poor match from the opening match against FC Anyang, drew a draw against Cheonan City FC in the third round.

However, Lee had to leave the team in the end due to the sluggishness that had continued since last year.

In the K League 1, there is a stronger knife wind.

As of the 15th round, there are already three teams whose coaches have been replaced or voluntarily resigned this season, from Jeonbuk Hyundai to Daegu FC and Daejeon Hana Citizen.

Jeonbuk only appointed head coach Kim Doo-hyun on the 27th, seven weeks after breaking up with head coach Dan Petrescu in six rounds due to poor performance on the 6th of last month.

Former Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon voluntarily resigned on the 19th of last month after losing to Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju FC in the second division at the “2024 Hana Bank Korea Cup.”

Daejeon manager Lee Min-sung, who led the team for about four years from 2021 and won the K League 1 promotion for the first time in eight years, also announced his resignation immediately after falling to the bottom of the league on the 21st.

Just because the coach put down the baton did not immediately show the effect of renovating the atmosphere in the team. Temporary managerial systems were frequently established, adding to the confusion in the team.

Jeonbuk (14 points) has been operating under the acting coach Park Won-jae for the past seven weeks before Kim was appointed, with only three wins, two draws and four losses. The team is still at the bottom of the league table.

Daegu, led by coach Park Chang-hyun, and acting coach Jung Kwang-seok’s match are still at the bottom, ranking 11th and 12th side by side after Jeonbuk

Nevertheless, the number of times coaches are replaced or resigned during the season in the K League continues to increase.

In 2021, Gangwon FC manager Kim Byung-soo was replaced, and FC Seoul and Ansan manager Park Jin-seop and Kim Gil-sik voluntarily resigned.

The number of resignations increased to six in the 2022 season, and to eight last year. Notably, Suwon showed unusual behavior of dismissing Lee Byung-geun in April last year and even Kim Byung-soo in September, five months later.

It is clear that the coach is responsible for the team’s performance, but the coach is not all responsibility. 메이저놀이터

Nevertheless, five coaches have already left the team this season. If the ranking competition intensifies beyond the middle of the league, the desire to change the coach is expected to intensify.

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