‘Fatal mistake + rating of 6.9 points + 63 minutes digestion + ground contention 100%’ Kim Min-jae against AS Monaco, the last mock test is ‘anxiety’, not 100% yet

Monster’ Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich) needs more time.

Kim Min-jae finished the last mock exam unfortunately. On the 8th (Korean time), Kim Min-jae started and played 63 minutes in the pre-season match against AS Monaco held at Unterheing Alpenbauer Sportpark in Germany. It was Kim Min-jae’s third game in a Bayern uniform, his last pre-season game. He started in three consecutive games and showed that he had the most advantageous composition in the competition for the starting position, but he has not yet shown 100% performance, such as allowing the excuse of conceding a goal. As his physical condition is not yet normal, he finished the preseason with the task of raising his body quickly until the opening.

Kim Min-jae made his debut against Kawasaki Frontale in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th of last month. Kim Min-jae formed the central defense along with Benjamin Pavar. He left a strong impact with good play even though he was not in normal condition due to the aftermath of military training. He still had his unique explosive speed and power. He also showed Kim Min-jae’s own play, which added strength to the attack with bold overlapping. Director Thomas Tuchel also responded with a smile. Kim Min-jae received a rating of 7.5 and was rated the highest among Bayern’s defenses. Kim Min-jae was replaced with right-wing Upamecano.

He then started and played 45 minutes in the pre-season match against Liverpool held at the Singapore National Stadium on the 2nd. Kim Min-jae also played a big role on this day. Kim Min-jae, who started as a left center back in the four-back, posted a picturesque assist and recorded his first attack point after transferring to Bayern. Kim Min-jae showed the most impressive appearance in his defense and received another favorable review.

The performance against Liverpool speaks for itself. Kim Min-jae recorded 100% ground contention, 1 clearing, 1 shot block and 1 tackle that day. No dribbling allowed. He also attempted aerial contests twice and succeeded once. As I am still not in 100% physical condition, I made mistakes. It became the reason for the goal conceded in the 2nd minute of the first half. Liverpool’s striker Cody Hakpo couldn’t stop it well in a situation where he exquisitely dug into the middle of the Bayern four-back. Still, there was a sense of stability overall.

Kim Min-jae’s performance was especially brilliant in the attack. He recorded 45 touchdowns on the day, making 40 of 42 passing attempts. His success rate was a whopping 95%. It was the best in Bavaria. The more you look into the details, the better. Kim Min-jae tried 6 long passes that day and succeeded in all of them. One of them was Key Pass, Big Chance Pass. Kim Min-jae handed a fantastic long pass to Serge Gnabri, who was penetrating in the 33rd minute of the first half. It was an amazing long pass that advanced more than 40 meters. Kim Min-jae’s pass was exquisitely connected to Gnabry, and Gnabry calmly finished it after knocking out one of the defenders, scoring Bayern’s first goal that day. It was Kim Min-jae’s first attack point after transferring to Bayern. This was exactly the play coach Tuchel wanted when he recruited Kim Min-jae. Coach Tuchel had fun with plays that actively utilized the center back’s long pass and attack in the past. It was a disappointing part last season, but it seems to be resolved with the recruitment of Kim Min-jae.

In the last pre-season game ahead of the opening, Kim Min-jae formed the center with Benjamin Pavar. He started as a left centre-back. Alfonso Davies and Nusayr Mazrawi stood on the left and right. Conrad Reimer and Leon Goretzka stood in the center, and Serge Gnabri, Jamal Musiala and Kingsley Komang stood in the second line. At the forefront, Matisse Tell stood. Kim Min-jae performed well on this day as well. He made 3 clearings, 1 shot block, 2 interceptions and 3 tackles. In the ground competition, I tried 3 times and won all of them. He has shown several times effectively blocking the opponent’s dribble. While Pavard showed a somewhat disappointing position, Kim Min-jae often appeared in situations where he had to take responsibility for both build-up and defense. Nonetheless, he showed decent performance.

He had 86 touchdowns on offense, completing 65 of 73 passing attempts. The success rate is 89%. lower than usual. Even so, he made one key pass. The long pass tried 4 times and succeeded 2 times. Based on the sofa score, the rating was 6.9 points, and it received the highest rating among center backs. Matthias de Licht scored 6.8 and Pavard 6.6.

But a fatal mistake was made. In the 28th minute of the first half, a big mistake gave the reason for conceding. When Kim Min-jae gave Pavar a pass, it went to Aleksandr Golovin, who was in the middle. Golovin’s shot after interception was blocked by the goalkeeper, but Minamino Takumi pushed it. Making an absurd mistake is evidence of a lack of concentration, which shows that you have not definitely improved physically. On this day, Kim Min-jae boasted a unique wide range of defense that covered not only the left side, but also the center and right, but perhaps because of his stamina, he could not show the performance as well as he showed in Naples.

Of course, he led Bayern’s defense with a wide and quick cover from moment to moment, but the sense of stability was not like in the past. It was also physically difficult. Kim Min-jae was replaced by Dayo Upamecano in the 18th minute of the second half. Kim Min-jae finished the preseason like this. It is regrettable that he ended up not being able to work closely with Derlicht, who is mentioned as the main defender along with Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae showed some disappointment in terms of breathing with Pavar.

Kim Min-jae finished his first preseason. Kim Min-jae became a Bayern player on the 19th of last month. His contract lasted 5 years, until 2028, and the number 3 shirt. Kim Min-jae became the second Korean player to join Bayern after Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart). The transfer fee was not disclosed, but it is estimated at 50 million euros (approximately 71 billion won). Kim Min-jae became the third most expensive man in Bayern history after Luca Hernandez (80 million euros, about 113.6 billion won) and Mathais de Ligt (67 million euros, about 95.1 billion won). Kim Min-jae said, “Bayern is every player’s dream. I looked forward to coming to Bayern. It is a new start for me. I will continue to develop here. It was clear from the start how much they wanted me. My first goal was to play in many matches. In addition to this, I want to lift as many trophies as possible.”

Minjae Kim started training right after joining the team. However, his physical condition was not normal. Kim Min-jae went through basic military training for three weeks. Kim Min-jae received military service benefits after winning the gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018. After a 10-day break from training, he joined Bayern. Coach Tuchel was smiling at the joining of Kim Min-jae, which he wanted so much. At his first meeting, he was greeted enthusiastically, touching his cheek and giving him a hug. Kim Min-jae also responded to Tuchel’s smile with his unique sincere attitude. TZ said, ‘Kim Min-jae became Bayern’s role model after rejecting coach Tuchel’s offer. Kim Min-jae is in the middle of Bayern’s training camp and has been praised by coach Tuchel.’ Kim Min-jae was able to join the team after enjoying his vacation more, but he chose to join the team first. TZ said ‘I didn’t want to waste time allowing Kim Min-jae to be the boss of the defense, and he politely declined the club’s offer to join the Asian tour. Instead of enjoying vacation, Kim Min-jae will prepare for the season at full speed.” Kim Min-jae, whose body was not yet normal due to military training and rest, gradually built up his body through cycling and personal training.메이저사이트

After finishing the pre-season, Bayern enters the season in earnest. On the 13th, we will play a Super Cup match against Leipzig at home. Bayern won the league and Leipzig won the DFP Pokal. This day is a game where Kim Min-jae can win his first championship trophy after transferring. The opening game of the 2023-2024 Bundesliga is an away match against Werder Bremen on the 19th. Kim Min-jae’s full-fledged start is imminent.

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