Indeed, the blood of Shim Jeong-soo flows… Graduating early from the rookie league, a penny of Hercules in 2025?

 In the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft, the player who caught the attention of our fans was Kevin Sim (21, Korean name Shim Jong-hyun), who was selected in the 5th round (148th overall) by Arizona. Kevin Sim, who had been recognized for his potential since high school, took a step towards the major leagues by signing with Arizona in this draft.

Kevin Sim’s fame from an early age is basically his highly regarded baseball skills and potential. However, his father’s influence must be seen to some extent. Kevin Sim’s father is Sim Jeong-soo (48), the former home run king who made a name for himself as a giant gun representing the KBO League. With a name that still lives on in the hearts of fans, he is the star who hit 328 homers in the KBO league and made a name for himself as a powerful hitter of the time.

Shim Jeong-soo, who made his professional debut at OB in 1994, was known as ‘Strength is business’, and in 1999 hit 31 home runs and became a slugger representing the league. After moving to Hyundai in 2001, he enjoyed his heyday. He hit 46 homers in 2002 and 53 in 2023, reigning as a rival to the current Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, a “legend.” Shim Jeong-soo was the only domestic player who could challenge Lee Seung-yeop’s home run race at the time.

Shim Jeong-soo moved to Samsung in 2005 and played for the team until 2008 before retiring. Instead of living as a leader in his country, all of his family moved to San Diego, USA, where he lives to this day. Kevin Shim was born in Daegu in 2002 and followed his father to the United States to play baseball. He showed outstanding talent from a young age and gathered the expectations of officials. In other words, his father’s baseball DNA was flowing.

He stood out from his high school days. Kevin Sim attended high school in San Diego, and was simultaneously selected for the Under Armor All-America Game and the Perfect Game All-American Classic. He was a treatment that only high school top-level prospects could receive. His high school ranking was also decent, with a top 50 ranking. It was the order in which the major league nomination was certain. In fact, Kevin Shim was selected by a major league team this year after attending the University of San Diego.

After Kevin Shim signed with Arizona, he was assigned to the rookie team, like other rookies. However, the rookie league was too narrow for Kevin Sim, who had already played at the top level in college. Kevin Shim made an outstanding performance with a batting average of 0.533, 7 RBIs, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.100 in 4 Rookie League games. Arizona promoted Sim right away to the Single-A team, believing Sim could play on a higher level. He effectively skipped the rookie league and went straight to the Low Singles A team.먹튀검증

In the first 4 games of Low Single A, he is adapting smoothly with a batting average of 0.267 and 2 RBIs. He will have to judge other indicators such as defense, but if he can draw an upward trend in offense, he is expected to be promoted to the top single-A and double-A promotion by the end of this year or next year. It is time for him to decide whether he can go to the major leagues in earnest from Double-A. Assuming that he passes this process smoothly, it is expected that he will be able to get a chance to debut in the major leagues as early as 2025.

Kevin Shim boasts a confident body of 188 cm. During his college days, he mostly played corner infield, such as first base or third base. He gained attention early as a right-handed hitter with good physical abilities, and his above-average bat speed and power consistently earned acclaim. He also received a not bad evaluation for his shoulders. Some predict that Kevin Sim will eventually settle down at first base. It means that his attacking potential is highly evaluated.

Arizona is undergoing a generational change of fielders as fielders with outstanding potential have been continuously called up to the major leagues in recent years. Outfielder Corbin Carroll, catcher Gabriel Moreno, and outfielders Alec Thomas and Jake McCarty are examples of this year’s National League’s strongest rookie candidate. However, compared to the outfield, the corner infield still has veterans. Christian Walker and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. at first base, and Evan Longoria at third base are players over 30 years old.

As a result, Arizona’s minor league farms have recently been attracting attention for players who can see the corner infield. Davidson de los Santos and Ivan Merendez are highly anticipated players. Kevin Shim is also expected to follow in their footsteps as a corner infielder who can be used in the major leagues.

His father Shim Jeong-soo also remembers challenging the major leagues when he was in his prime. He was even invited to the 2003 Florida (now Miami) Marlins’ spring camp. However, he ultimately never reached a contract. As early as 2025, it may show his son stepping on the big league stage in place of his father’s dream, who was called ‘Hercules’.

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