If you block the attack, there will be a chance”… Director Park Jin-seop and Minister Lee Han Voice

Two teams who want points with different goals meet.

Busan I’Park and Jeonnam Dragons will face off in the 26th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at Gudeok Stadium in Busan on the 15th. Busan is 4th with 41 points, and Jeonnam is 7th with 34 points. Busan desperately needs to secure points in the fierce competition for the top ranks. Jeonnam also needs points to jump to the top.

Before the game, Busan coach Park Jin-seop said, “We have always prepared for the game the same way. Since it is a home game, I talked with the players to show a better performance.”

Park Dong-jin, who was recruited in the transfer market last summer, is being promoted as a starter for four consecutive matches. Coach Park said, “It would be better if he even scored, but he is showing his juniors such as his passionate appearance. It has changed the atmosphere of the team. It would be better if it even burst into the goal.”

The win rate at Gudeok Stadium this season is good. I played 3 matches, 2 wins and 1 draw. Director Park said, “It has a different atmosphere from Asiad. It feels like I can breathe more with the audience and fans. We have had good results in the last three matches, so we are looking forward to today.”

You have to survive the fierce competition for the top ranks. Each game is worth 6 points. Director Park said, “I have no choice but to be stressed, but I try to enjoy it. He believes in the players and goes out.”

“The point of today’s game is defense. The opponent is also a good attacking team. If we block the opposing striker well, I think we will have a chance.”

Director Lee Minister Jeonnam said, “The flow is good these days. This month, including last year’s match against Bucheon, we will meet top teams. In some ways, August is the most important month. Our fate may be decided.”

The fiercer the competition for the upper ranks, the more opportunities for the mid-tier teams. This is because they can catch up in a situation where the gap has not widened. Coach Lee also said, “In fact, there were about two chances (to go to the top) before that. Today is the third. We have to seize this chance and stick close to it so that we can enter the top 5.”먹튀검증

Veteran Kim Soo-beom, Jo Ji-hoon, and Lee Seok-hyun are well at the center. Director Lee said, “The biggest part is that Jo Ji-hoon is doing well in the middle. It appears in the part about location, etc. (Lee) Hugwon seems to be a good competition. We have to keep this atmosphere going.”

He said, “The opponent has a lot of fast players. The first half should go scoreless. Then the chance will definitely come.”

Director Lee, who came to Gudeok Stadium after about 20 years, said, “It is a place with good memories. I am also excited. I will do my best to show a good image in front of the fans.”

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