‘West Ham transfer failed’ Maguire stays at Manchester United… Ten Hagh “I have to prove my ability to play as a starting player”

Transfer to West Ham United has become difficult.

Harry Maguire is set to stay at Manchester United. Just a few days ago, there were reports that the West Ham transfer was a fait accompli, but the atmosphere changed in a short time.

The British media’The Sun’ said on the 15th (Korean time), “Man Utd and West Ham were thought to have almost agreed on a deal for a transfer fee of 30 million pounds (about 51 billion won). However, Maguire did not accept the wage cut. To West Ham Masked Maegwaeo’s weekly wage will be reduced from 190,000 pounds (approximately 322 million won) to 120,000 pounds (approximately 204 million won).”

There is no place for Maguire at Manchester United. He was pushed out of the rotation as well as the main competition.

He was stripped of the captaincy at the end of his last season. It’s actually a sign to get out.

Compared to his four years ago, it is a sharp decline in phase. Maguire came to Manchester United from Leicester City in 2019 and recorded a transfer fee of 85 million pounds (approximately 144.5 billion won). It is the world’s highest transfer fee for a center back defender.

Last season, only eight Premier League starts were made. Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hagh pointed out his lack of performance, saying, “Maguire is called the best center back in England. But why can’t he play as a regular in our team? He has to prove himself.”

West Ham was different. West Ham manager David Moyes made several phone calls to Maguire to convince him. Maguire is also a good choice for West Ham, which is guaranteed to play time rather than Man Utd, who was pushed from the main match.

Maguire has a contract with Manchester United until 2025. The weekly wage is £190,000.

West Ham shook his head at the burden of the full stock price. A weekly wage cut is a prerequisite for the transfer.

Manchester United said they would pay Maguire £6 million (about 10.1 billion won) if he transferred to West Ham. Instead, wages should be cut to £120,000 a week.안전놀이터

Maguire did not accept. Even if he receives 6 million pounds from Manchester United, considering the reduced weekly wage, Maguire’s loss for the remaining two years is 14.5 million pounds (approximately 24.6 billion won).

In the end, West Ham, who has been waiting for it, is slowly giving up on Maguire. The British media ‘Telegraph’ announced on the 15th, “West Ham is tired of the lengthy negotiations with Maguire. They are looking for another defender.”

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