I didn’t want to be a traitor, I will overcome the FW competition”…’Return after 1 year and 5 months’ Ji Dong-won’s promise

 Ji Dong-won (FC Seoul), who returned from a long-term injury, announced that he would gradually increase his chances to play and become a starter.

Seoul drew 2-2 with league leader Ulsan in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 28 home game held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 27th. Seoul, which took the lead with Ilyuchenko’s opening goal, allowed Ju Min-gyu to score multiple goals in the middle of the second half, but avoided defeat with Willian’s theater equalizer in the second half of extra time. Seoul, which added 1 point, maintained 5th place in the league with 10 wins, 10 draws and 8 losses and 40 points.

Ji Dong-won, who was named on the substitute list, entered the field in the 34th minute of the second half in place of Ki Sung-yueng. Ji Dong-won, who was included in the replacement list in the last game against Daegu, was replaced at the last minute in the second half and stepped on the ground in about a year and five months. It was his first league game since the league match against Gimcheon in March, and his first official match appearance since the FA Cup against Jeonbuk in October.

Ji Dong-won started to seize the opportunity by playing in two consecutive games as a substitute, but at the time of the substitution, Seoul was trailing 1-2, and the time he played was short, so he could not show much. However, in the second half of extra time, when Willian shot, he quickly deviated from the shooting course, contributing to a dramatic equalizer.

Ji Dong-won, whom we met in the mixed zone after the game, said, “I hoped to enter in a situation where we were winning 2-1. It’s a pity. I went in in a situation where I was reversed and I couldn’t touch the ball much and it was ambiguous. I think it’s fortunate that I didn’t lose.” revealed

In extra time in the second half of the day, Willian shook the net with his right foot after dribbling from the left side to the inside of the penalty box. Ji Dong-Won, who was waiting in the center, ducked the moment Willian fired a shot and quickly got out of the shooting course.

Regarding this, Ji Dong-won laughed, saying, “I didn’t want to become a traitor,” and explained, “I leaned down as much as I could for fear of being hit by a ball and become a traitor. Fortunately, it was fortunate that Willian shot the other way.”

When asked what head coach Kim Jin-kyu, who became acting head coach after Ahn Ik-soo’s resignation, said before the game, Ji Dong-won said, “There was nothing special. He told us to focus on connecting from the striker position when training. He said he wanted to fight from the front because he was in a losing situation.”

Regarding the reason for not being able to participate so far, he said, “I’m not sure. I think the physical condition I thought and the physical condition the coaching staff thought were different.” , I have been running practice games since June. The last game was my first real game this year, but I don’t think there are any major difficulties because I have been playing continuously.”

“I’m still working hard, and I think it will take a lot of effort to play a little more games in the future,” he said. I will do it,” he added.카지노사이트

In addition, Ji Dong-won said, “It was a fight with myself. I could just give up or get frustrated, but I think I just endured with the thought of doing my best every day.” .

Regarding the recent failure to lead and conceding goals, he said, “I think we need to solve the situation in which we are leading a little more cleverly. Like the last game and this game, I want the players to develop a little more.”

He said, “I told the players that I was not satisfied with the result of today’s match. It’s very unfortunate. Of course, we didn’t lose with the last goal, but we said that we were very sorry because we were playing soccer to win.” It’s a super match. Since there is still time left, I said let’s go to the game with the mindset of really killing the opponent until then.”

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