Klinsman, who has changed in two months, and the list ‘full of questions’… KFA’s sympathy

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s (59) words don’t match at all. He seemed to be looking for a player with the best condition after saying, “The only player who can play full-time for 90 minutes is Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham)” after the previous A match. However, a large number of ‘injured’ strikers were selected. He was a player who silently raised his body condition amidst unexpected expectations and was turned away without knowing why.

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) announced the list of 25 players for the men’s A national team to participate in a friendly match in Europe in September. 

Coach Klinsman, who leads the national team A, will play an evaluation match against Wales at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales on September 8, and Saudi Arabia at St. James Park, Newcastle, England five days later (13th).

It is an important two-game series for coach Klinsman. Because the ‘first win’ is at stake. After taking the lead of the Korean national team in March, his performance in 4 A-matches in March and June was 2 draws and 2 losses. El Salvador, who lost 0-6 to Japan most recently (June 20), drew 1-1 at the end of the match, so it is obvious that if we do not win on this away road, the already bad Klinsmann public opinion will get worse. Director Klinsman could not have known this. 

Coach Klinsman, was it the best choice for September’s roster… Including a large number of injured and players concerned about poor performance

Coach Klinsman, who is facing two important evaluation matches that will be directly related to his position in the future, seemed to have put more effort into building a roster than ever before. However, when I open the lid, I am full of doubts. It’s to the point where I wonder, ‘Have you seriously thought about it deeply? 

A large number of players who seemed unlikely to join Klinsmann in September due to injuries and poor game sense were included. On the other hand, players who were more active on the ground were not selected.

It is a result that is 180 degrees different from the intention that director Klinsman publicly revealed just two months ago. In June, after the match against El Salvador, head coach Klinsman said that Son Heung-min was the only full-time player, and strongly hinted that he wanted a player whose physical strength would support him in order to advance to ‘attack soccer’. 

However, coach Klinsmann included Cho Kyu-seong (Mitwillan) and Oh Hyeon-kyu (Celtic), who are unable to play in their teams due to thigh and calf injuries, respectively, in the list for this September’s A-match.

Oh Hyun-kyu, who was injured in the pre-season, still focused on recovery even after the league started, watching all three Celtic games off the field. It is inevitable that Oh Hyeon-gyu’s sense of actual combat is in a state of being away from him.

Hwang Eui-jo’s boarding was also unexpected. A member of Nottingham Forest, he has maintained a humiliating ‘0-minute appearance’ in the third game after the opening of the English Premier League (EPL). He has no injury issues, but he is not being given a chance to get on the pitch. 

Here, Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), who recently suffered a thigh injury, was also brought in by coach Klinsman.바카라사이트

Coach Klinsman, who seemed like he would bring in an attacker who could digest full-time right away, did the exact opposite, using as many as 4 digits for players who are inevitably deteriorating in their sense of the game. 

Coach Klinsman, who said he wanted a player with good ‘playing stamina’, turned away from the best ‘goal scorer’ in the domestic league

Manager Klinsman ignored Joo Min-gyu, an Ulsan Hyundai striker who was the K-League 1 scorer in 2021 and has played 26 out of 28 league games this season and has been steadily maintaining his game stamina.

Joo Min-gyu is a sure goal scorer in the K-League. He is sprinting for the joint lead in scoring (13 goals) this season.

If one of Hwang Eui-jo, Jo Kyu-seong, and Oh Hyeon-gyu, the ‘frontline attack resources’, left, Joo Min-gyu must have been a strong replacement. However, Joo Min-gyu could not be heard in the eyes of manager Klinsman, who quickly lost the direction he had revealed two months ago.

Coach Klinsman announced the roster through a press release. He left a short comment, “Injuries of players are the biggest variable in preparation for A-match. Fortunately, in the case of Cho Kyu-seong and Hwang Hee-chan, we have included them in the roster because we have judged that there is no problem in joining this call while continuing to communicate with their team.”

The announcement of the list of the existing national team A was held together with the press conference. Immediately after the announcement of the list, a question and answer session was held to hear the background of the players’ selection in detail from the coach. However, this time the communication window was closed. 

After the list was announced, KFA broke the existing rule by collecting only the opinion of coach Klinsman that there could be players who fall out due to injuries and other issues. It was notified that the list would be announced through a press release, and it was implemented as it was amid opposition. With the help of the KFA, coach Klinsman could easily avoid questions about his next move.

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