Key MF’ Bentancur caught training… Good news for ‘2nd place’ Tottenham!

Tottenham Hotspur’s emerging midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur was spotted participating in team training. Coach Enze Posteco Glu commented on the timing of his return.

Football London, England, said on the 16th (Korean time), “Bentancur participated in training on Thursday afternoon. It is positive news. Although it was light training, this is a big step forward and a move that the manager will take positively in the coming weeks.” It was reported.

Born in Uruguay, Bentancur is an outstanding midfielder from Juventus. He is the ace of the Uruguay national team with soft feet and a creative play style, and also played against Korea in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.바카라사이트

Bentancur joined Tottenham in the winter of 2022. Tottenham was making changes by dismissing coach Nuno, who had put the team in the worst situation at the time, and appointing Antonio Conte as the new head. Coach Conte began recruiting players during the winter transfer window, and Bentancur joined the team along with Dejan Klusevski.

Bentancur is starting to integrate well into the team. He took charge of the midfield in Coach Conte’s 3-4-3 tactical system with smooth activity and clear passing connections. He began to establish himself as a perfect starter by working with Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. Tottenham achieved 4th place in the final score and was able to contribute to advancing to the UEFA Champions League.

Bentancur was also active when Tottenham, who had been sluggish last season, was at the top of the table in the first half of the season. He finished with career highs, adding 6 goals and 2 assists in offensive points in 26 games. He also scored his first goal in the Champions League, scoring a dramatic equalizer against Sporting CP.

Bentancur’s physical condition began to suffer due to frequent appearances in games and the aftermath of coach Conte’s intensive physical training. He suffered an injury during the World Cup, which extended his absence. He returned after 6 games, but showed signs of decreased fitness throughout the game.

In the end, he was injured again in the game against Leicester City last February while competing with an opponent, and Ben Tancur left the stadium on his crutches. As a result of the examination, he was informed that he would be out for the season for six months due to a ruptured cruciate ligament. Tottenham, without Bentancur, was helplessly defeated by AC Milan in the round of 16 of the Champions League. It was initially reported that the injury period would last about 6 months, but there was news that it would be 2-3 months longer. It was a big bad news for Tottenham fans.

Coach Postecoglou, who was newly appointed this season, has already evaluated Bentancur highly. He said: “Bentancur is outstanding. His commitment when he first came to the club was outstanding so we would like to have him back. In many ways it will look like he is signing another new contract for us. We are not in a hurry. It is obviously a serious injury. Therefore, we will probably have to calculate the time of return.”

Although he was spotted participating in training, it appears that it will still take some time for him to return. “Rehabilitation is the hardest part. For any player, it’s a lonely thing. He was happy to be back in training, but of course he was disappointed when we had to pull him out after 30 minutes,” said Postecoglu. He said he was working hard.

Bentancur’s return date has not yet been determined, but it will not be long before he joins the team. Many changes have come to Tottenham. His colleague Harry Kane left, and Son Heung-min was appointed captain. If Bentancur joins Tottenham, who are cruising to second place in the league, they can continue to perform even better.

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