Otani up to $600 million” Is it possible even if you can’t do dual swords in 2024? ‘Strong ambush’ appears in Dodgers trend theory

Up to $600 million is expected upon declaration of free agency.”

The important announcement regarding LA Angels’ Shohei Ohtani (29) was that he was out for the season, as expected. It was reported that Ohtani had removed his belongings from his locker at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on the 16th (Korean time), and Angels general manager Perry Minassian announced Ohtani’s elbow surgery and a ‘complete’ season out on the 17th.먹튀검증

It is unknown whether Ohtani’s elbow surgery was Tommy John surgery or something else. Therefore, at this point, the impossibility of dual-wielding in the 2024 season is not 100% confirmed. This is because, barring Tommy John surgery, he may be able to pitch during the 2024 season.

Even so, at this point, most American media predict that Ohtani will not be able to play dual swords in the 2024 season. This is the basis for the claim that Ohtani’s free agent price may be slightly reduced, and SportsKida predicted on this day that Ohtani could exceed $600 million.

SportsKida said, “We expect Ohtani to receive up to $600 million even after suffering a season-ending injury and undergoing surgery. “Many people believe Ohtani played his last game with the Angels.” Naturally, the LA Angels were excluded from the list of destinations.

SportsKida’s 1st to 5th most anticipated destinations for Ohtani are the LA Dodgers, New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Mariners. It is a bit different from the expected destination pointed out by other media outlets. It’s not special that the Dodgers are first, but the Mets, Baltimore, and Boston are surprising.

SportsKida also cited geographical conditions for the Dodgers. Recently, The Athletic columnist Jim Borden stated that a team with a greater chance of winning is a more important criterion, but it is true that the Dodgers are the team that can meet both.

SportsKida said, “It makes sense for Ohtani to sign with the Dodgers. Just a short distance away from where he plays now, he can maintain great comfort. Legendary ace Clayton Kershaw appears set to retire, and Julio Urias’ career is in doubt. “Ohtani will definitely solidify the Dodgers’ two-hitting ability,” he said.

In fact, Kershaw is talked about retiring every year, and the prevailing view is that he has entered into a break-up process with Urias due to the domestic violence issue. Tony Gonsolin is scheduled to return for the 2025 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Dustin May underwent another elbow surgery while recovering from a Tommy John injury. That means there’s a chance that all four of these players won’t be with the Dodgers next year. The logic is that even if Ohtani cannot pitch next year, if he returns to the dual swords in 2025, he must be recruited to reinforce the starting lineup.

It is noticeable that the New York Mets are in second place. SportsKida said, “The Mets are the richest team in the major league. It’s clear that Ohtani has the wherewithal to engage in any deal he wants. “But the Mets’ chronic underperformance gives Ohtani something to think about.” It is true that new power is needed as Justin Verlander (40, Houston Astros) and Max Scherzer (39, Texas Rangers) are eliminated at once. This is one of the strongest ambush teams.

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