Simeone: “The great Griezmann, an example for young players”

Antoine Griezmann (32, France) of Atletico Madrid (Spain) received high praise from his team’s manager and world-class soccer leader.

Diego Simeone (53, Argentina), Atletico coach, said in an interview reported by the Spanish daily newspaper ‘Diario Az’ on the 25th (Korean time), “Not only does he score goals as an ace, but he also contributes devotedly (to the team),” and praised Griezmann. praised.

Griezmann has been under Simeone’s guidance again since 2021, following 2014-2019. Manager Simeone and player Griezmann combined for 159 points and 79 assists in 347 games for Atletico Madrid, including cup competitions.

Griezmann is playing an average of 76.9 minutes under Simeone and recording 0.80 attack points per 90 minutes. Coach Simeone said, “In my life (as a player and coach in the soccer world), I have seen great players like Griezmann who express themselves through actions (rather than words).”

Griezmann shines as ▲2015-16 Spanish La Liga (1st division) MVP ▲2016 UEFA Euro Best Player and Top Scorer ▲2017-18 Europa League MVP. Coach Simeone was selected as the best soccer coach of 2011-12 by the European Union of Sports Media (UEPS).토토사이트

Spain ranks 2nd in the European league rankings, and Atletico Madrid ranks 15th in the European club rankings. During Griezmann’s MVP years, La Liga was the best stage in the world, ranked first by UEFA.

‘UEFA EURO’ is the national European Championship, and the Europa League is a European club competition next to the Champions League. Regardless of whether he plays for the French national team or Atletico Madrid, Griezmann is showing top-level skills.

Griezmann moves between ▲center forward ▲second striker ▲left wing. Coach Simeone praised him, saying, “He does his job (as an attacker) but is willing to return to the defensive position (if he is judged to need help in defense).”

Coach Simeone, who admired Griezmann’s mental strength and said, “It seems like he is not suffering even from (physical) pain,” defined him as “one of the important players for Atletico Madrid who serves as an example for young soccer players.”

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