Man Utd best friends’ Park Ji-sung and Evra make a surprise visit to Midtjylland’s home game → Fan coffee truck event… Cho Kyu-sung plays full-time

Park Ji-sung visited Cho Kyu-sung’s team, Midtjylland. 

Midtjylland won 2-1 over Ruenvi in ​​the 13th round of the 2023-24 Danish Superliga held at the MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark, at 2 a.m. on the 28th (Korean time). With this, Midtjylland rose to 4th place in the league with 24 points. 

On this day, Midtjylland used the 4-4-2 formation. Cho Kyu-sung and Franculinu played as the top two, while Sørensen, Olsson, Roemer, and Osorio played as midfielders. The back four consisted of Paulinho, Sørensen, Ingason, and Gabriel. Friesle guarded the goal, and Lee Han-beom sat on the bench. Ryunbi was countered by Guidjohnsen, Kumado, etc.

Midtjylland scored the first goal early in the first half. Osorio, who received Gabriel’s cutback in the 10th minute of the first half, easily hit the net. Midtjylland gave up an equalizer midway through the first half, but took the lead again at the start of the second half. Gabriel scored in a mixed situation after a corner kick in the 2nd minute of the second half. In the end, the game ended in Midtjylland’s victory.

A surprise guest visited Midtjylland before the game. Director Park Ji-sung and Patrice Evra, who showed off their close chemistry while playing together at Manchester United, visited the stadium. And they started a ‘coffee truck’ to interact with fans. 

Previously, Midtjylland posted on the club’s website on the 26th, “Park Ji-sung is visiting the match between Midtjylland and Lubbi. He is with his best friend Evra. Park Ji-sung is currently the technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai and maintains a close relationship with Cho Kyu-sung. This time,” Midtjylland said on the club website. “The visit is part of the filming of Jo Gyu-sung’s documentary,” he said.

Gyu-seong Cho left Jeonbuk this summer and joined Midtjylland. Cho Gyu-seong, who made his professional debut at FC Anyang in 2019, appeared in 33 games in K League 2 in his first year and scored 14 goals. He rose to stardom by showing off his tremendous presence, and soon afterwards transferred to Jeonbuk. And Cho Kyu-seong began his military service by enlisting in Gimcheon Sangmu ahead of the 2021 season. As his physicality improved during that period, he transformed into a more destructive striker.

In particular, Cho Kyu-seong played for Gimcheon and Jeonbuk (returning to full-time status) during the 2022 season and was the top scorer with 17 goals in 31 games in K League 1. For the past four years since Jeong Jo-guk in 2016, foreign players have swept the top scoring positions on the K League 1 stage, and in 2021, Joo Min-gyu became the top scorer for the first time in a long time, saving the pride of native strikers. And the following year, Cho Gyu-seong followed suit, announcing the emergence of the next generation striker. His performance on his team naturally led to his selection to the national team.

Cho Gyu-seong made his A-match debut in September 2021. And he scored his debut goal in a friendly match against Iceland in January last year. Afterwards, he continued to be called up by coach Paulo Bento and joined the national team. And they succeeded in advancing to the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup held in November last year.

And the second game of the group stage against Ghana was a turning point in Cho Kyu-sung’s career. At that time, in the 13th minute of the second half when the game was tied 0-2, Cho Gyu-seong did not miss Lee Kang-in’s sharp cross and hit the net with a header. It didn’t end here. Three minutes later, Kim Jin-su’s cross was completed with a high-RBI header. Although the game was lost, a meaningful record was created. Cho Gyu-seong became the first player in Korean soccer history to score multiple goals in a World Cup finals.

After the World Cup ended, many teams showed interest in Cho Kyu-sung. European clubs such as Celtic and Mainz were mentioned as candidates. But in the end, there was no transfer. Jeonbuk wanted to keep Jo Kyu-sung in his possession until at least this summer. Jo Gyu-seong accepted Jeonbuk’s wishes and stayed.

At the beginning of the 2023 season, he showed a somewhat disappointing performance. Above all, the injury problem was a big one. Cho Kyu-seong scored his first goal of the season in the K-League 1 2nd round match against Suwon Samsung, but has not had a goal for a while. Due to injury, he played only 6 games until the 15th round of the league, scoring only 1 goal in that time. Fortunately, his performance began to pick up in the summer.

Cho Gyu-seong scored his second league goal in the 16th round match against Ulsan Hyundai, scoring a header in the 38th minute of the second half. Afterwards, he continued to play and added three more goals. In the 21st round of K League 1 against FC Seoul on the 8th, he scored the first goal in the 21st minute of the second half, contributing to the team’s 2-1 win. After this game, I left Jeonbuk. 

At the time, Jeonbuk said through the club’s official channel, “Kyu-seong Cho is ending his journey with Jeonbuk. I hope that he will continue to follow his own path wherever he is, and that he will always be resolute in the face of any challenge with the experience and memories he has accumulated here.” “Thank you,” he officially announced.

And soon after, news of a transfer to Midtjylland came. Midtjylland officially announced on the club’s website in early July, “We have recruited Cho Gyu-seong from Jeonbuk. The contract period runs until the summer of 2028.” He played wearing the number 10. 

At the time, Midtjylland sporting director Sven Gravesen said: “We have been interested in Cho Kyu-Sung for more than a year. He is a complete striker. We also share the same ambitions. Cho Kyu-Sung wants to prove himself in Europe. He is our current defender. “The goal is to integrate Cho Kyu-seong into the team, and he must compete with other strikers,” he said.

After joining Midtjylland, Cho Gyu-seong said, “I had other opportunities to advance to Europe, but I think coming to Midtjylland was the right decision. This team worked very hard to recruit me. I am confident that it is the right move.” revealed.

In addition, Cho Gyu-seong said, “I worked with many foreign players while playing in the K-League, and I always maintained good relationships with them. I know how important it is to get along well with the players when I move to a foreign team. I am outgoing and sociable. “I have a friendly personality. I value getting to know my teammates, and I want to get to know them quickly,” he said.

However, “I showed a good performance at the World Cup stage and received a lot of attention because of it. But now the World Cup is over. It is time for me to prove myself in every training and game. That is my motivation and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I am “I want to prove myself in Europe,” he said, expressing his ambition.

Cho Kyu-sung, who took his first steps into overseas expansion, quickly began to show his presence. Cho Gyu-seong started as a starter in the opening game of the first round of the 2023-24 season’s Danish Superliga. And Cho Gyu-seong scored the first and winning goal in the 11th minute of the second half. He succeeded in leaving a strong impression on fans with his debut goal.

It didn’t end here. He consistently scored goals. In the second round match against Silkeborg, he scored the team’s second goal and led to a 2-0 victory. In the 3rd round match against Rüngbi, despite Midtjylland’s loss, they managed to score in extra time in the second half and avoid a loss. At the same time, Cho Kyu-seong broke his impressive star streak with goals in three consecutive league games.

But injuries got in the way. Cho Gyu-seong started as a starter in the Bronze Vision on the 21st of last month, but was substituted out after 20 minutes in the first half after complaining of pain in his hamstring area. Fortunately, in the last game before the international match in September, he returned to the starting lineup and provided 1 assist, and in the following game against Vyborg, he scored the opening goal with a header, restarting his scoring streak in the league after about 5 weeks.짱구카지노 도메인

Cho Gyu-sung is also trusted by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who succeeded coach Bento as the coach of the Korean national soccer team. He was consistently selected during the international matches in March and June, and was also called up this September. He started as a starter in both games and scored the winning header against Saudi Arabia, leading to Klinsmann’s first win. Even during the October A-match period, he is showing a solid position by appearing as a starter in both games.

Cho Gyu-seong, who has consistently been a full-time starter in his team, has unfortunately been silent for four games. The next match is the Denmark Cup against Copenhagen, which will be held on the 1st of next month. 

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