“Three consecutive years of 10 wins,” 22-year-old left-hander pays 1.4 billion won… surpasses four-time “$300 million” champion Yamamoto’s fifth-year salary

Hiroya Miyagi (22), a left-hander of the Orix Buffaloes in the Japanese pro baseball league, renewed his contract for 160 million yen (1.45 billion won) for his fifth year. Miyagi has surpassed Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25)’s fifth-year salary record, which is set to advance to the Major League as a senior member of the Orix team.

Japanese media reported on the 19th that Miyagi’s annual salary renewal has exceeded that of his predecessor. He signed a contract for 160 million yen, double from 80 million yen (about 700 million won) this year, and is second only to Ichiro’s 200 million yen in his fifth year of high school graduation. It has surpassed Yamamoto’s 150 million yen mark in 2021.”

Miyagi said, “I was able to understand it. I want to make more efforts for the club as much as I received.”

Miyagi recorded three wins, one loss, and an ERA of 3.94 in the first year since his debut in 2020. Despite his small stature at 171 centimeters, Miyagi has achieved more than 10 wins every year as he has filled three consecutive innings since 2021. Miyagi was the first pitcher to have recorded 10 wins for three consecutive years from his second year of high school graduation since Shohei Ohtani (2014-2016).

He was 13-4 in 2021, 11-8 in 2022, and 10-4 with a 2.27 ERA in 22 games this season. He pitched three shutouts, 146.2 innings, striking out 122 and recording a WHIP of 0.94. He also gave up 29 consecutive innings in the middle of the season. He was third in ERA and tied for fourth in multiple wins. 랭크카지노

If Yamamoto joins the Major League, he is expected to carry on the Orix’s new ace mission from next year. “I don’t have the skills and presence to be called an ace yet. I want to hear that 10 years as a player was amazing when I was desperate and turned 50 to 60 years old,” Miyagi said.

Yamamoto has won multiple titles, ERA, strikeouts and winning percentage for three consecutive years. If Yamamoto leaves, he will likely face off in the competition for individual titles as pitcher.

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