18-year-old promising player who is already following Son Heung-min on social media… Lee Dumbo is curious about the captain’s personal life

18-year-old prospect Stanis Idumbo Mujambo, who is known to be likely to transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, is already following Son Heung-min on social media (SNS) Instagram.

Belgian media DH reported that Tottenham was close to recruiting Lee Bum-bo from Jung Ajax (Ajax U21). As the contract period with Ajax ended, several clubs in England and Spain showed interest, and Tottenham won the competition. Tottenham reportedly presented Idumbo with a four-year development and growth project.

Born to a Congolese family in France, Idumbo moved to Belgium from an early age and learned how to play soccer. After playing for the youth teams of Cluff Brücher and Hent, he moved to Ajax, the Netherlands, the most prestigious youth team, at the age of 16.

Although he has yet to make his debut in the main league with Ajax, he displayed his potential by playing in the main league with Jung Ajax, the secondary league. He has sidelined seven games due to injury this season, but has played in only 11 games and scored three goals. At the same time, he is growing as a representative of each age group in Belgium. He is known to be an offensive midfielder and can play as a left winger.

Tottenham is undergoing a generational change. With Coach Enzi Postecoglou at the helm this season, the team has reorganized itself into young and energetic players, who had difficulty establishing themselves at Tottenham. Based on this, the team ranked first in the English Premier League early this season and saw its ranking drop due to a number of injuries, but is still in the race to advance to the semifinals from the fifth place. After winning two consecutive games without a win in five matches, the team has regained its upper-ranked team’s appearance. 헤라카지노

In the meantime, aiming for Lee Dumbo can be seen as preparing for the next season or later. Tottenham is constantly connecting with promising players from around the world, including aiming for Samuel Ealing Jr., a second-term Juventus star.

At a time when rumors of his transfer spread, Idumbo kept all of his Instagram posts invisible. Among the 522 accounts he follows, it is notable that Son’s personal account is included. He does not follow many famous soccer players’ accounts, including Kevin De Bruyne, the representative of Belgium, but putting Son on the list seems to be preparing for his future career when moving to Tottenham.

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