Barcelona’s Project to Catch a Promising ‘Real This Time’ Super-Striker ‘Can’t Go anywhere’

Barcelona will push for a long-term contract by presenting as good conditions as possible to Marc Ki-woo, a promising striker fostered in the second division.

Barcelona offered its first professional contract to Ki-woo, who will turn 18 in January next year, predicting that it will extend the contract period under favorable conditions. It is a long-term contract that lasts through 2030.

Kiu is a promising player who is drawing attention as soon as he joined the first team this season. He scored a goal as soon as he was substituted against Athletic Bilbao in October, drawing attention with his sense of scoring. He was 17 years and 291 days old at the time, the youngest goal in Barcelona’s first-team history and the shortest goal since his debut.

Even after his debut goal, Ki, who went back and forth between Team B (second division) and the first team, continued his performance by scoring his debut goal in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this month.

So far, Kiu has played in just three substitute matches in the main league, playing for 45 minutes and scoring two goals. Although the number of goals he has scored is still small, he is 187 centimeters tall and is different from other promising players in the past. Barcelona had several short-handed strikers after Lionel Messi, but many of them were unable to adapt to the first team due to limited physical struggle or focus too much on their feet. A good example was Boyan Krkic. Recently, both recruiters and self-reliant players find midfielders, but strikers have had particularly difficulties.

According to Diario Sport, a local media outlet, Barcelona paid attention to the terms and conditions of the contract after seeing the possibility that several clubs would send a love call to Ki-woo. Currently, the team plans to offer a long-term contract by communicating with the players so that the youth contract can be converted into a professional contract. Currently, Ki-woo has a contract until 2025. Under UEFA regulations, the conditions that can be presented to players under 18 are limited. Barcelona plans to add five more years as soon as January next year comes.

All teams need strong and capable players. Barcelona also has a tradition of total football, but it used to value striker’s post-play ability, which allows second-tier players to score more easily. However, it was not easy to find a player who fits the team’s philosophy and has a bigger physique. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a good example of failure. 헤라카지노

Just in time, Barcelona has Robert Lewandowski, who is tall and a master of linked play. The 35-year-old Lewandowski is on the decline little by little, so he needs his successor. If Ki-woo can naturally change generations while absorbing his senior’s ability, it is the best scenario for Barcelona, which lacks recruitment funds.

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