Chelsea captain Reece James, who is sick again, has left hamstring surgery… Can he return before Euro 2024?

Chelsea captain and defender Reece James is back on the long-term injured list.

The British media Daily Telegraph reported that James, who had not been given many chances to play throughout the season due to his injury, complained of a hamstring injury again after the match against Everton on December 10 and was eventually put on the operating table. The recovery period is about three to four months.

Rase Renfainen, who led the team, told the Daily Telegraph, “I’ve been having problems not only on the right side but also on the left side. We’ll closely examine James’ left hamstring so that he can enjoy high-level soccer once again.” 월카지노

However, it is worrisome that the surgery could significantly reduce James’ chances of playing at Euro 2024. It is not easy to select a player who has been injured all season to a major tournament. “I am confident that I will recover my physical condition before Euro 2024, but I will have to recover for about three to four months to play at Chelsea,” said Dr. Renfinen.

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