Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC, said, “Suwon Samsung, I’m very upset that this happened… I hope it comes up soon.”

Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC, cheered for the promotion of Suwon Samsung, the “Suwon brothers.”

After the VIP preview of the league’s 40th anniversary exhibition “K League: The Universe” hosted by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 21st, Choi Soon-ho said, “I hope Suwon Samsung will come up (to the K League 1) soon. I will cheer for you.”

Suwon Samsung confirmed its move to the second division after the final game of the 2023 season against Gangwon FC on the 2nd. It was the first time since the club was founded.

Suwon Samsung, which had been at the bottom of the 12 K-League 1 teams since April, has hardly rebounded. In May, Kim Byung-soo was given the helm, but the accompanying team ended in four months. Suwon Samsung eventually assigned Yeom Ki-hoon, its former playing coach, to act as its coach, but had to face automatic relegation.

Choi Soon-ho, who watched the pain of Suwon Samsung, said, “Suwon FC lost the game against Suwon at the end of the season. At that time, I thought, ‘There really seems to be something about a team with tradition. Suwon comes back to life.’ Unfortunately, however, I am disappointed and deeply upset that this has happened. I will root for Suwon Samsung (for the promotion of Suwon Samsung),” in support of the team. 월카지노

The Suwon brothers had mixed feelings. Suwon FC, which was relatively far from automatic relegation, failed to produce results at the end of the season, potentially falling to the bottom of the league. However, Geary ended the regular season in 11th place and succeeded in staying in the top division by winning the playoff with Busan I’Park.

Meanwhile, Choi Soon-ho said in the media that Suwon FC is considering sharing the Suwon World Cup Stadium with Suwon Samsung from the next season, but he declined to comment. “I think we’d better not talk about it anymore,” he said.

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