What is the secret of Bucheon coach Lee Young-min, who has produced five U-23 representatives in a year and is the “best nurturing expert in the K League”?

The best training expert in the K-League is by far Bucheon FC coach Lee Young-min (50). Over the past year, Lee has produced five U-23 national players including Cho Hyun-taek, Oh Jae-hyuk, Ahn Jae-jun, and Kim Sun-ho. These are not talents that suddenly appeared, but were literally created by Lee. This is the result of Lee himself bringing them to lease or refining and cultivating gemstones that he dotted by selling their talents. With a steady stream of good spirits, Bucheon Sports Complex is a regular in-person course for national team leaders by age. Lee also joined 11 players under 22 in the 2023 season. Although the team has no choice but to join cheap young players due to insufficient financial resources, Bucheon led by Lee confidently succeeded in making it to the playoffs. It means that the team has caught two birds with one stone: nurturing and performance. 헤라카지노

Lee has two secrets. The first is “trust.” Lee said, “Players who are listed on the top 11 must be given more than 45 minutes to develop. “If you take them out immediately, you will not be able to grow. As a player you trust and deploy, you are encouraged to play for at least 45 minutes, be it porridge or rice grains. If you are too stable to show something when you are young, or make no mistake, your own will not come out. That’s why I try to give you time.” The second is “management.” “Young players have no experience in full season, which makes it difficult to manage their physical condition. I leave this area to the physical coach. In terms of performance, he spends more time during meetings with video analysis on purpose. He also scolds him during this time, and points out exactly what is lacking and how to improve himself. When passing by, they would say, “Sam, it’s really working,” Lee said.

Lee says, “We give evenly distributed opportunities to players who have grown up like this. Bucheon ranks first in terms of utilization, playing time, and contribution of players under 22. “There are teams that spend all their budget on the best 11. Our team does not have a large budget, but we tend to allocate it among the entire squad. The quality is not that high, but the overall budget is rather evenly distributed. That’s why we also train them all together. We don’t divide teams A and B, but rather train together. Even if we fail to participate in matches, we train the same way.” Perhaps that’s why Bucheon has never lost a single match to the university team in a practice match the next day, which is conducted mainly on players who cannot play after a league match. Given that the team has many young players and good performance, the Korean team of all ages even calls for a practice match.

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