A Worrying Spring Festival Transition? “It’s Enough”…The reason for footballers’ ‘Positive’ reaction

Will there ever be a day when we can see players play on the ground in sub-zero temperatures? Changes to the “Chuchunje,” a recent issue in the soccer community, are showing positive responses from many soccer players.

As Japan’s J-League confirmed on the 19th that it would change the management method of the J-League from the Spring Festival to the Spring Festival from the 2026-27 season, reorganization of the system has also become a hot topic in Korea. Since the 2023-24 season, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) also operates the Champions League (ACL) as a spring season, it is interpreted as a move to follow the “global standard.”

The biggest advantage of adopting the “Chunchun Festival” is that players can walk in tune with the flow of world soccer including Europe. For example, if the season starts and ends at the same time, it will be easier for K-League players to advance to overseas markets including Europe.

However, in Korea, the cold weather is pointed out as an obstacle. If the league is held from December to February, when the temperature below freezing is generally maintained, players must run in cold weather. Audiences have to watch the game in a difficult environment. In addition, sub-zero temperatures can be accompanied by the problem that the grass is frozen and the ground is maintained.

Amid the divided pros and cons of the K-League’s transition to the autumn system, the opinions of footballers on the field are generally positive. Usually, the autumn system begins in August and ends in May. If applied to Korea, the prevailing response is that there is no big problem if the cold December-January is used as a break. It is difficult to change to the autumn system right away, but the soccer community believes that the accompanying problems should be found step by step.

Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC, met with reporters after the VIP preview of the league’s 40th anniversary exhibition “K-League: The Universe” held by the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 21st and said, “After all, it’s a weather problem. It used to be Samhansaon, but not anymore. It’s cold for one day, 10 days, or 15 days. I don’t think there will be many cold days on the weekend.” (Chunchunje) is fully possible.”

Temperatures vary widely in different regions in winter. “As various systems including the World Cup and the ACL are set for the Lunar New Year holidays, I wonder if the K-League is the only system,” Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byung-ji, who is based in Gangneung and Chuncheon, said. “If you decide whether to do it or not, it will be meaningless time. I think it is right to think that you will do it and think about the conditions and find a way. As for the grass problem, it can be solved with artificial grass that is as good as the Nordic league.”

In the end, the soccer community believes that in order to walk in line with the flow of global soccer, the possibility of switching over should be left open rather than concluding that “Chunchunje is impossible in Korea.” Gangwon coach Yoon Jung-hwan also did not clarify his pros and cons, but he said, “If the K-League is like that (Chunchunje), we will have to think in that direction.” 헤라카지노

Currently, the professional soccer federation has not discussed in detail the transition to the autumn festival. However, the federation is reviewing voices related to the autumn festival from various angles.

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