“Baby Magpie” Park Tae-joon left Seongnam FC for Gwangju… Director Lee Jung-hyo filmed it.”

Park Tae-joon, who was chosen by coach Lee Jung-hyo, will go to Gwangju FC.

“Park Tae-joon is set to join Gwangju soon. When he completes the details, he will join Gwangju,” a soccer official said on Wednesday. Gwangju has sought to recruit midfielder in preparation for Lee Soon-min’s transfer, and is on the verge of completing the recruitment of Park Tae-joon.

Park Tae-joon was born in 1999 and is 24 years old. He is also Seongnam FC’s Seonggol Youth who graduated from Pungsaeng Middle School and Pungsaeng High School. Park Tae-joon, who joined Seongnam as a high school graduate in 2018, showed off his outstanding mobility and displayed the emergence of a baby magpie. Park, who played 20 league games since his debut season, did not play much after Seongnam was promoted to the K-League 1. He emerged as one of Seongnam’s main players in the 2020 season by scoring two goals in 17 games.

In the next season, he rarely played in many games. In the second half of the season, he moved to FC Anyang and played 20 games and posted six assists. In the next season, he also played in E-Land, Seoul, not Seongnam. Park, who failed to play as much as expected, only played in 12 games. The cause was his injury. He had a severe fatigue fracture, but returned after rehabilitation without surgery, and his symptoms worsened.

Eventually, he took a longer time to miss the game as he was put on the operating table. “I had to get surgery after the season, but I think it took about six to seven months because I was late. It was difficult as the absence period got longer, and even if I had a mental breakdown, I collapsed again. Still, I endured it and was able to recover my condition thanks to good support from people around me,” Park said. 월카지노

He played for Seongnam in the 2023 season when coach Lee Ki-hyung took over the team. Having recovered from his injury, Park Tae-joon played in the FA Cup match against Pohang Steelers for the first time in 733 days. He gave mobility and displayed sharp passes and forward performance, adding dynamism to Seongnam’s somewhat static image. At the match against E-Land in Seoul, Park scored a goal for the first time in three years as a member of Seongnam. Despite his injury, he displayed robust performance by scoring one goal and two assists in 20 matches.

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