Sancho’s 400 million-a-week salary excluded from the first team is difficult to sell… “Saudi League is also in trouble”

Jadon Sancho (23, Manchester United) has become Manchester United’s headache.

England’s “Football Insider” said on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), “Manchester United wants to sell Jadon Sancho in January, but it is not easy.”

Earlier in September, Manchester United officially announced on its website that “Jadon Sancho will be excluded from first-team training until the issue of squad discipline is resolved. He will conduct individual training.”

The incident started from a showdown in the fourth round of the Premier League between Manchester United and Arsenal on Sept. 4. Sancho was not even able to sit on the bench in the match, when Manchester United lost 1-3. At a press conference after the match, manager Ten Haah said, “Sancho was not chosen because of his performance on the field. At Manchester United, everyone has to reach a certain level every day. We can choose from the front line. That’s why Sancho was not selected for this match.”

In response, Sancho took to his personal social media and said, “Please don’t believe everything you read! I’m not going to allow people to say something that’s completely untrue. I’ve worked really well in training this week,” directly rebelling against Ten Haq.

Sancho said, “I believe there are other reasons in this matter that I won’t say. I have been a scapegoat for a long time. It’s unfair!” and claimed that the competition for the starting lineup in the team was not fair. In response, Manchester United took disciplinary action against Sancho, excluding him from the squad training.

Sancho and Manchester United are looking for a new club in January, but the situation does not appear to be easy. Football Insider said, “Sancho wants a new club after a disagreement with manager Ten Haq. However, according to a close source, Sancho’s huge salary is a huge obstacle to his complete transfer,” citing Sancho’s salary as the reason for the difficulty in moving. 월카지노

The media reported that Sancho is reportedly earning 250,000 pounds (about 410 million won) a week from Manchester United. Proper interest in Sancho is only coming from Saudi clubs.

However, transferring to the Saudi professional league also has many difficulties. Football Insider explained, “A number of Saudi clubs have already met their limits on recruiting foreign players, which means it is difficult for Sancho to move to Saudi Arabia in January.”

The media added, “To understand, Manchester United’s major executives want to make £80 million (about 130 billion won) through the sale of players in the winter transfer market.”

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