“Efficiency Emphasized → Cheap Ryu Hyun-jin becomes popular.” In the second half of the FA market, monster value rises

No specific news has been reported yet regarding the transfer. However, the value of Ryu Hyun-jin (37), a free agent in the Major League Baseball (MLB), continues to rise.
Ryu, who became a second free agent, ended 2023 without finding a new team. Nevertheless, there have been increasing calls every day for Ryu to be hired locally.

The New York Mets, which have the most articles on Ryu Hyun-jin, are increasing one by one, including the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles.

Ryu Hyun-jin left an outstanding career with 78 wins and 48 losses and an ERA of 3.27 in 186 MLB games. He returned after rehabilitation after being put on the second operating table only after entering the big league, but Ryu has since shown impressive pitching in 11 games with 3 wins and 3 losses and ERA 3.46.

Although Ryu’s speed decreased a bit compared to before the surgery, he cooked batters based on his blade-like control and various breaking balls. Notably, he displayed his ability to overcome the crisis by installing changeups that made Ryu feel his speed relatively fast and ultra-low curves for this season.

Another possibility was raised that Ryu might return to Korea. The pitcher is expected to be in his late 30s after being put on the operating table, and if so, big league teams may not rush in, unlike before, and in this case, Ryu can return to Korea. The Hanwha Eagles, which has the right to name Ryu Hyun-jin first, is still holding dialogue with him, but things are not as expected. Ryu’s value is being re-examined there.
Players who have similar situations with Ryu Hyun-jin can get hints. Kenta Maeda of the Detroit Tigers, Luis Severino of the New York Mets, and Frankie Montas of the Cincinnati Reds are examples. 랭크카지노

Maeda entered the big league in 2016 and recorded 65 wins, 49 losses, and an ERA of 3.92. Notably, he had 16 wins in the first season and 13 wins in the second season, but was hampered by injuries. He had elbow surgery in August 2021 and rested all of 2022 and returned last season, recording six wins, eight losses and an ERA of 4.23 in 21 games.

Severino, who has 54 wins, 37 losses and an ERA of 3.79 since his debut in 2015, also had his best days with 14 wins in 2017 and 19 wins in 2018, but he did not easily shake off the evil spirit of his injury. He underwent rotator cuff surgery in his right shoulder in 2019, ligament surgery in his elbow (Tommy John Surgery) in 2020, and his career naturally went downhill. His performance last season was 4-8 and ERA 6.65.

Likewise, Montas, who entered the big league in 2015, posted a total of 37 wins, 35 losses, and an ERA of 3.90. He had only one double-digit victory in 2021 (13 wins). He had shoulder surgery even before the start of last season, and ended up playing only one game.

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