“The goalkeepers have grown taller, so let’s increase the size of the goalpost”… Legendary goalkeeper’s innovative remarks

Gianluigi Buffon made an interesting suggestion.

Sports media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 3rd (Korea time) that “Jian Luigi Buffon presented the possibility of increasing the size of the innovative but controversial goalpost.”

Buffon, a former Juventus, PSG, and Parma goalkeeper who announced his departure from football in August, made a bold offer to the football authorities in a recent interview. In 1863, the English Football Association decided that the interval between the goals was 8 yards (7.32 m).

Then, three years later, they declared that the goalposts should be “taped to upright posts spaced eight yards apart and erected 8 feet off the ground.” Later, in 1875, the option to use wooden crossbars instead of tape between goalposts was introduced, and the installation of crossbars became mandatory.

Since then, the above standard has been maintained, but goalkeeper Legend Buffon, who has the record of most appearances in Italy with 176 games, suggested changing the rules. In an interview with the Italian media “Tutosport,” Buffon stressed that the goalpost should be made bigger due to “human engineering” changes.

“We need to seriously consider expanding our goal. Recently, I also had this conversation with my family. In 1998, I was listed as one of the tallest five players in Serie A. (Bupon is 192 centimeters tall) When he played for Parma last season, he was one of the top five players. Not just in the entire league, but out of the 22 players in the stadium,” Buffon said.

I would have chosen it. It may have been right then, but looking at the physicality of the players now, we need to think about changing it. There are also discussions about adjusting the net height in volleyball. I know it well because my sisters play volleyball. In volleyball, serve is becoming more and more important just like tennis,” he added.

“Of course, it’s not up to me to decide, but it’s a matter for related organizations to consider,” Buffon said at the end. It is true that goalkeepers have grown physically, but the speed of field players has increased as well as shooting speed. Players’ techniques have also improved. However, the height of goalkeepers can be seen by looking at the number of mid-range shots scored. Thirty years ago, if one kicked 50 times in the middle distance, he or she would have scored 10 times. Nowadays, if one kicks 50 times, he or she can only score 3 times. It is much more difficult to score a mid-range goal against a 2-meter goalkeeper.” 헤라카지노

As Buffon said, short goalkeepers will be on the verge of disappearing more and more if the goal is bigger. There will be a lot of mid-range shots, and it will not be easy to stop unless the short goalkeeper has a great reflex.

In addition, if the proportion of mid-range goals rises, more diverse tactics may emerge as empty spaces are created to prevent them, and ten-back tactics, which the weak team only defends, will disappear.

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