“Tackle Master, let’s go for one more year.” Manchester United, which cracked down on family, invokes Wan-Bissaka contract extension clause

“Tackle Master, I’ll stay at Manchester United until 2025.”

Manchester United of the English Premier League completed its third contract in the January transfer market. However, it is not recruiting outside players. Manchester United has triggered a clause on the option of extending the contract with respect to players who become free agents from within. Manchester United has caught “Tackle Master” defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka (27). Manager Erik ten Hag said Wan-Bissaka is a key player.

The British media Mirror reported on the 4th (Korea time) that “Manchester United has completed its third contract to catch a star player worth 50 million pounds (about 83 billion won) in the January transfer market.” The target of Manchester United’s contract was Wan-Bissaka, who soon became an FA within the team, not an outside player. The Mirror said, “We completed the third deal in the January transfer market by renewing the contract with Wan-Bissaka, which Manchester United recruited for 50 million pounds from Crystal Palace four and a half years ago,” adding, “This is the third decision following the decision to rent midfielder Donny van the Vic to Frankfurt in the second half of the season, which manager Ten Haach does not want, and the decision to shorten the lease of young striker Charlie McNeil.”

Wan-Bissaka moved from Crystal Palace to Manchester United led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in 2019. Solskjaer showed great trust. However, he did not perform well this season due to his injury in September last year. 헤라카지노주소

Nevertheless, Manchester United has decided to leave Wan-Bissaka with the team. Originally, Wan-Bissaka was scheduled to become a free agent when his contract with Manchester United expired this summer. However, Ten Hag and Manchester United’s board decided to extend the contract for Wan-Bissaka until June 2025. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United may offer a long-term contract for Wan-Bissaka in the future.

Wan-Bissaka’s weekly salary will also increase due to the renewal of his contract. Wan-Bissaka is currently paid 90,000 pounds per week, which can rise to more than 100,000 pounds due to the extension of his contract.

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