Ulsan HD to ‘strengthen defense’ Ulsan HD to receive ‘fresh power’ by recruiting Kim Joo-hwan

Ulsan HD recruited defender Kim Joo-hwan, who was on the national team’s roster for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, to add solidity.

Ulsan officially announced on Friday that it has recruited a defender Kim Joo-hwan who made the Olympic team roster. Kim Ju-hwan, who will deliver fresh blue and fresh power to Ulsan’s side, will deliver great energy to the team through tutoring of Seol Young-woo, a senior member of the three-year-old Korean national team.

After graduating from Pohang Steel High School, Kim made his debut as a professional player wearing the Pohang Steelers’ uniform. Afterwards, he played for Gyeongnam FC (rent), FC Anyang (rental), and Cheonan City FC in the K-League 2nd, before joining Ulsan’s blue uniform.

Kim Joo-hwan, who combines vigorous activity and fast speed, the virtue of the right back position, was a promising player enough to receive Pohang’s priority nomination when he was in Pohang. Kim Joo-hwan, who was also called up to the U-20 national team under the age of 17 (U-17), played his first professional debut game as a rising star in K League 1, but for the next three seasons, he played a total of 80 games in K League 2 and worked hard to strengthen his skills.

Kim displayed remarkable performance by securing key positions in each team he encountered. Kim, who is good at blocking attacks by banking on his unique activities, speed-saving overlap and aggressive defense, played in 31 games for Cheonan in the previous season and recorded two assists. Kim, who also played as a striker in high school, is making his name known on the professional stage by fully utilizing his experiences.

Kim Joo-hwan has been showing increasing completion over the past three seasons. This is also evidenced by figures. He played in 24 games for Gyeongnam in the 2021 season, 25 games for Anyang in the 2022 season, and 31 games for Cheonan in the 2023 season. The fact that the number of fouls and warnings caused by immersion and activeness in the game decreases significantly over the years is also a testament to the growth of game management and understanding. 헤라카지노

Kim, who once again joined the K-League 1 for the first time in four years, was given the opportunity to display the results of his hard work over the past three years. “I am happy to join Ulsan, but joining Ulsan is not my goal. My ultimate goal is to play an active part in the team and contribute to my goal of winning the championship. Efforts and challenges continue. I will repay my fans and teammates who trust me and support me with my skills,” Kim said.

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