“You said you’d go to another team”… Samsung’s “decisive” words that changed its mind, Lim Chang-min

The sincerity of the Samsung Lions worked.

Samsung signed a two-year contract with veteran right-hander Lim Chang-min (former Kiwoom Heroes), who was a free agent, for a total of 800 million won (a down payment of 300 million won, an annual salary of 400 million won, and an incentive of 100 million won) on Sunday. “The recruitment of veteran Lim Chang-min has enabled the team to build the best bullpen in the league. We expect that it will create positive synergy with young players in the team,” the team said.

In the FA market, Lim received love calls from multiple teams. Samsung also contacted Lim from the beginning. The contract with Lim was made dramatically.

“Many teams came to see me than I thought. I don’t know why, but I was grateful,” Lim said in a telephone interview with X-Sports News on the 5th. “Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol expressed it really positively. I was even curious why you liked me so much,” Lim said. “He made me feel that he needed me more than any other team. Finally, I changed my mind to Samsung.”

He added, “I didn’t contact the leader directly. Instead, the leader constantly conveyed his feelings through my acquaintance,” and added, “He seemed to be busy handling various things, but he kept saying, ‘I think of you first’ and ‘Please wait.'”

Lim Chang-min said, “Actually, at the end, I told the general manager, ‘I think it’s right for me to go to another team.’ Nevertheless, he said, ‘Please wait,’ and said, ‘If you want me this much, I thought there must be a reason. My curiosity has not been solved yet. I think we will find out when the season starts.”

Samsung suffered from unstable mid-season pitching last season. We hope that Lim Chang-min will play a key role in the team’s victory this year. “If you are a professional, you should always try to produce good results. I will do my best, even though I feel less pressure,” Lim said with a smile. “If I keep doing what I have been doing, I think I will be praised or admired a little bit.” 랭크카지노도메인

Samsung has many young players among its pitching staff. Lim Chang-min is one of the highest ranking players. “These days, I think they are very smart. They express themselves well and organize their thoughts,” he said. “I’ve been to various teams and found many young players ask me questions. That’s a good attitude. I think they have strong will to have questions and solve themselves.”

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