‘8 billion FA’ compensation player → 0 games in the first group → No failure twice… Yeom Ki-ryang “raises him into a bullpen must-win group.”

Will LG Twins pitcher Kim Yu-young fly again in the 2024 season.

Kim Yu-young transferred from Lotte to LG in November 2022 when LG named him a compensation player after FA Yoo Kang-nam signed a contract with Lotte (W8 billion for four years). LG immediately tapped into the power source rather than future prospects.

Kim Yu-young, a left-handed pitcher, joined Lotte as the first pick in 2014. He pitched in 197 games through 2022, recording seven wins, three losses, one save and 18 holds with an ERA of 5.64. In the 2022 season, he pitched in 68 games, recording six wins, two losses and 13 holds with an ERA of 5.65. It was a career-high performance since his debut. He was the only left-handed bullpen pitcher at Lotte.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, who pointed out Kim Yu-young as a compensation player, said, “I have good changeups and curves. I can also select pitches based on my effortless pitching style.”

He also underwent a starting test at the spring camp ahead of the 2023 season. However, Kim, who started the season with the Futures League, did not play in any games in the first division. He finished the season with a 15.00 ERA with four wins and losses in the second division. His last game was on May 31, and he ended the season early due to injury. His first season after moving ended in vain.

Kim Yoo-young is starting over the 2024 season. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop discovered a new face in the bullpen last year. Yoo Young-chan, Baek Seung-hyun, and rookie Park Myung-geun joined the must-win group.

Manager Yeom said, “My goal is to create two players within this year’s bullpen must-win group, Kim Yu-young, Lee Sang-young, Yoon Ho-sol, Kim Dae-hyun and Sung Dong-hyun.” “The closest thing I see is the left-handed pitcher, and I think it will be very important to make Kim Yu-young and Lee Sang-young into players of that level like Yoo Young-chan and Baek Seung-hyun.”

LG has a change in its bullpen this year. Closer Ko Woo-seok entered the Major League by signing with the San Diego Padres through posting. There was a 139-save finishing gap. Manager Yeom selected rookie Yoo Young-chan as a new closing candidate.

LG’s strong point was its thick bullpen last year. A new team of must-winners should fill the bullpen without Ko Woo-suk. Manager Yeom is paying attention to those who failed to settle in the first division last year, including Kim Yoo-young, Lee Sang-young, Yoon Ho-sol, Kim Dae-hyun and Sung Dong-hyun. 마카오카지노

“We will bring a lot of pitchers to the spring camp. We will let them use the team close to the winning team, and let them experience success by giving them a chance in more comfortable situations. We should not upload them anywhere, but we should hire them in dangerous situations step by step so that they can experience success with certain plans,” Yeom said.

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