The real cowardly thing is to appoint an obvious director in May

May is here. The fate of Korean soccer is in May. In May, Korea’s next A team coach will be decided. 

After Jurgen Klinsmann’s scandal, a new national team’s power elite committee was set up. Chairman Chung Hae-sung and 10 committee members. Chung announced his plan to appoint a new A-team coach by mid-May and take the helm of the second qualifying round for the World Cup in June. 

The plan has to stop. First, let’s say Chung will select a new national team coach. Who can trust the coach? Who can support him? Chung and his team members are accomplices of Korea’s failure to advance to the Olympics for 10 consecutive times. They are the ones who left a stain on Korean soccer. Hwang Seon-hong’s concurrent position with the A national team and the Olympic team was their work. Everyone said it was dangerous and everyone said it was too much, but they covered their ears and committed the act. Their reckless challenge turned into a disaster. 

They are not qualified to select a new coach. All members, including Chairman Chung, deserve to be undressed. There is no objection.

The plans they had in mind, the candidates they had drafted, and the timeline they had set, should all be scrapped. Anyway, wasn’t the “obvious coach” everyone knew a strong candidate? He doesn’t want an obvious coach. Rather, it is obvious that he will plunge Korean soccer further into the abyss. 

Now, the Korean soccer needs a fresh start. The procedure for coaching the A-team should return to “zero base.” New committees, new chairmen, and new candidates should be appointed. If we start from the beginning again, will it be too late? The qualifying round for the World Cup in June is important. However, the reform of the Korea Football Association is more important now. This is the second qualifying round for the World Cup. Even without a new coach, the team deserves a try. 

What matters is not the coach for the World Cup qualifiers. The number of coaches who qualify for the World Cup finals has increased to 48. The coach who passed the World Cup qualifiers is not important, but the coach who is competitive for the World Cup finals is important. He is not a coach who should be picked in a hurry to perform well in one or two preliminary games. We have to look far and wide. Isn’t it better than the nightmare of waiting for an obvious result as an obvious coach. 

If you are in a hurry, you will be less cool. You can slowly bring a good coach. It is certain that the small wait will return to greater fruit in the future.  

And when the A-match team is appointed in May, the outburst of resentment against Chairman Chung Mong-gyu and the KFA will shift course toward an interest in the A-match team. The KFA is aiming. All issues will be addressed by the new A-match team coach. Chung’s mistakes and incompetence can be hidden away again. In addition to the A-match issue in June, Chung will be able to avoid criticism against him. As always. 

Therefore, we must prevent the appointment of a coach for the national team in May. Chung should block the way out so that public opinion and criticism on Chung’s resignation will not cool down and the direction of the team will not be swayed. In reality, if Chung resigns and a new committee is set up, there is not much time until mid-May to appoint a new coach.  안전놀이터

The best scenario would be a new chairman, a new committee, and a new coach of the new administration. Chung will step down, and all soccer players who have been friendly to Chung at the KFA will step down, and fill them with new figures who can give hope to Korean soccer.

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