Anton, the “Wall of the Great War” that revealed his presence…”I want to show better performance. Fans are my driving force”

Anton played a big role, with Daejeon Hana Citizen winning its second league victory. As a member of the three backs, he showed off his solidity in the back, blocking FC Seoul’s offense with his persistent defense. Anton, who was very active, was happy with the team’s victory with a good performance.

Anton started the ninth round home game of Hana Bank’s K League 1 2024 against Seoul at Daejeon World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 27th, helping his team win 3-1. Daejeon, which added three points in four games after winning the Ulsan HD match in the fifth round of the league, moved to 10th place after leaving the bottom with nine points (two wins, three draws and four losses).

According to the K-League’s additional data provider “B-Proleven,” Anton, who played full-time against Seoul, left an impressive mark in defense, including 32 passes (success rate 86%), five wins in competition with public balls, one tackle, six clearings, 12 wins, four blocks and three blocks. He recorded the most clearings and wins among the Daejeon players who played the game, exuding his presence in the defense.

“I got a good result from today’s game, and I think it was a game that fans enjoyed as we played a multi-score game. It was good that we showed better performance than Seoul,” Anton told the mixed zone after the game. 토토사이트

Anton, who left early in the season due to injury, has been in charge of Daejeon’s rear, showing a solid defense since his return. The defense of this season’s Daejeon has been clearly divided by Anton’s availability. Daejeon allowed seven runs in the first four games in which Anton was unable to start due to injury, but has conceded only four runs in five games since Anton returned, and has also shown two scoreless games.

“I didn’t rest for a long time because it wasn’t a serious injury. I was able to display as good performance as I am now because I had a good off-season training,” Anton said after recovering completely from the injury. “I’m in a very good condition. I’m very happy to continue to show my best performance.”

Anton, who wore a Daejeon uniform last season, settled down in the K-League in a stable manner by playing in 33 matches in the league. He impressed by his outstanding defense capability, and was selected as a K-League All-Star in the middle of the season, and scored a point by playing in the Coupang Play Series with Atletico Madrid. Anton, who has established himself as a key player in Daejeon, was appointed as a vice-captain ahead of this season, and was even recognized for his leadership.

Anton, who is in his second year in the K-League, said, “I think I can show better performance because I have adapted to the league more than last season. In that sense, I want to show better performance than now. I keep doing my best to play the game,” expressing his desire to perform better than last season.

Through the last transfer window, Daejeon has added new defenders such as Hong Jung-woon, Lee Jung-taek and Aaron. In other positions, players who have been proven in the K-League, including Kim Seung-dae and Lee Soon-min, joined the team. Anton, who has worked with the new players, said, “We are professional players. Whatever the player comes, it is important that we adapt well within the system we have. I don’t think there is much difference from last season.”

“All the new players are high-quality. To pick one of them, it’s great to have Kim Seung-dae, who has a lot of experience, come to Daejeon. I’m glad the other players are adapting well to the team,” he said highly of his new teammates. 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Anton blocked off the opponent team’s attack with strong tackles and encouraged fans to respond to the attack, elevating the atmosphere in the stadium. When asked about the scene, he said, “By inducing fans to respond, I received good energy and was able to show better performance. Fans are the driving force that gives me energy,” adding, “I acted like that when I got closer to the fans by inducing them to shout and respond during the game, I formed a good relationship.”

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