‘169km batting bang!’ Lee Jung-hoo’s 3G consecutive hits, fastball coping was disappointing… SF beat PIT to Winning Series

Lee Jung-hoo (26) of the San Francisco Giants continued his hit streak for three consecutive games. However, he still showed weaknesses in fastballs with speeds of 95 mph (152.9 kph), which left him regretful.
Lee Jung-hoo started as the first hitter and center fielder in the 2024 Major League Baseball (ML) regular season home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 29th (Korea time) and recorded one hit in four times at bat.

As a result, Lee successfully had a hit in three consecutive games and got on base in four consecutive games. His batting average for this season fell from 0.270 to 0.269, and his on-base percentage also fell from 0.336 to 0.333. He was weak in fastballs with speeds of 95 mph or higher. The opponent team’s starting pitcher was Jared Jones, a right-handed rookie who averaged 97.3 mph on his fastball this year. Jones never hit a fastball, and failed to produce a hit despite the bullpen pitcher’s fastball that followed him.

San Francisco Giants secured the Winning Series by winning 3-2 against Pittsburgh, and is close to achieving a 50% win rate with 14 wins and 15 losses. On the other hand, Pittsburgh’s winning rate collapsed once again with 14 wins and 15 losses. San Francisco’s starting pitcher Keaton Winning secured his third win (three losses) this season by allowing three hits, two walks (one walk, one body hit) and five strikeouts and one run in six innings.

Lower-ranked batters did their part for the first time in a long time. Including back-to-back home runs by No. 7 Tyro Estrada and No. 8 Mike Yastremski, he had one hit (one homer) and two hits (one homer) from three times at bat, respectively. No. 9 Tyler Fitzgerald had one run from three times at bat.

Pittsburgh’s starting pitcher Jared Jones pitched well with six hits, one walk, three strikeouts and three runs in five innings, but the lineup lost with only five hits.

On the day, San Francisco’s lineup consisted of Lee Jung-hoo (center fielder), LaMonte Wade Jr., Matt Chapman (third baseman), Michael Confoto (left fielder), Patrick Bailey (catcher), Jorge Soler (designated hitter), Tyro Estrada (second baseman), Mike Yastremski (right fielder) and Tyler Fitzgerald (striker). The starting pitcher was Keaton Win.
In response, Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Kibryan Hayes (third baseman), Brian Reynolds (left fielder), O’Neill Cruz (striker), Connor Joe (right fielder), Edward Olivares (designated hitter), Laudie Telles (first baseman), Jared Triolo (second baseman), Michael Taylor (center fielder) and Henry Davis (catcher) started the game. Jared Jones started the game. 안전놀이터

Lee Jung-hoo faced a fastball from his first at-bat. Jones’ first pitch was a fastball with a speed of 98.8 miles per hour. Lee hit the ball at 95.8 miles per hour, but it went straight to the glove of the center fielder.

San Francisco Giants scored the first run. In the bottom of the third inning, Estrada hit Jones’ first pitch slider to hit a one-run homer in the left-center field. Yastremsky then hit a 98.4 mph fastball to hit a solo shot in the middle to complete a back-to-back homer.

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