‘8 consecutive Olympics’ Japanese media “Focused on observation in Leicester, Dortmund, etc.”

The Japanese media reported the possibility of Japanese players entering the European big leagues while the Japanese U-23 national soccer team beat Iraq to confirm men’s soccer tickets for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Japan advanced to the final after defeating Iraq 2-0 in the semifinal match of the U-23 Asian Cup held in Alayyan, Qatar, on Thursday. Japan has secured its eighth consecutive Olympic berth. Japan will seek to regain the top spot in the tournament for the first time in eight years since its 2016 victory over Uzbekistan, which beat Indonesia 2-0 in the final.

Japan lost to Uzbekistan 0-2 in the semifinals of the 2022 tournament and missed the championship, so it got a chance to avenge it through its first “return match” in two years.

In the 28th minute of the first half, Japan’s Hosoya Mao, who dug into the right side of the goal area after receiving a pass from Fujita Joel Chima, scored the ball in the right corner of Iraq’s net with a right footed shot to win the game early.

Japan, which gained momentum, sank Iraq in the 42nd minute when Ryotaro Araki received a ball from Fujita in front of the penalty arc and scored an additional goal with his right foot in front of the goal area.

After the game, Japan’s “Hochi Newspaper” said, “A number of European club scouts, including Leicester City, Germany’s Dortmund, Bremen, and Bochum, 메이저사이트 who were promoted to the Premier League from this stadium, observed the Japanese player.” “The main targets are midfielder Matsuki Reise, who is a candidate for the A national team, Ryotaro Araki (FC Tokyo) and Mao Hosoya (Kashiwa),” he said.

In an interview with the media outlet, a scout said, “We are seeing if a player who is playing well in the J-League will be able to show the same power on the international stage,” and is confirming his competitiveness on the international stage. The media went one step further, saying that players who participate in the Paris Olympics are not able to join the European team late in the pre-season, but if they perform well on the Olympic stage, they can overcome the “disability” and even positive prospects for a big league transfer.

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