KFA Goes To Find ‘Post-Clinsman’, Why Stick To ‘May Deadline’?

Korean soccer is in the midst of finding “Post-Clinsman.”
The outline of the final candidates set by the Korea Football Association’s (KFA) National Power Enhancement Committee (Chairman Jung Hae-sung) has also been revealed to some extent. Based on Chung’s report, which recently returned from an in-person interview with major candidates in Europe, the list compressed after the sixth meeting on April 30 included coach Jesse March (51, U.S.), who led Salzburg (Austria), Leipzig (Germany) and Leeds United (England).

With KFA’s working-level officials starting negotiations with candidates, the most eye-catching part is the timing of their appointment. The committee has consistently adhered to its initial appointment in May. The plan is to appoint a new head coach within this month and lead the national team from the 7th and 8th rounds of the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 North American World Cup against Singapore (away from June 6) and China (home from June 11).

Some in the soccer community are concerned that the process of appointing a national team coach, which should be carried out with plenty of time, is too hasty. Although the time was not short for about three months after breaking up with coach Jurgen Klinsmann of Germany due to the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup final match, it is hard to say that it is enough.

If they don’t insist on May, the number of candidates will be much larger. The 2023-2024 season will end in Europe, and the 2024 European Championship will take place in Germany from June to July. Starting with the end of the tournament’s group stage, a considerable number of coaches can come to the market. In the longer term, leaders who participated in the 2024 Paris Olympics after mid-August can also be included in the list. A case in point is French women’s team coach Ervenor (France), who has been mentioned since the appointment of Paulo Bento (Portugal).

However, the committee has a different view. Given that the team has virtually confirmed its advance to the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, it is considered the most ideal time for a new coach to take office, given that the second qualifying round is not too burdensome. According to the plan, the team will be able to evenly check many players while boosting the mood by winning the match against Singapore, its debut game, in an away match. Notably, since most overseas players come back to Korea for the season’s break, the team has the advantage of being able to check as wide a range as possible. 메이저놀이터

A KFA official said, “If the appointment of the coach is delayed, the final qualifying round, which will start in September, will be the debut match, and the burden will increase. The sooner we can decide on the optimal direction for the national team, watch many players with ease, and devise a smooth rebuilding.”

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