“14 years of age difference overshadowed” KI partner Hwang Do-yoon’s growth period, born in 2003

FC Seoul won after three consecutive losses, starting the ranking competition. Seoul won its third victory of the season with a 2-0 away victory in Suwon FC on the 30th.

On the day, coach Kim Ki-dong gave opportunities to players who had not played before. Some players joined the 23-year-old national team. Baek Jong-beom was wearing goalie gloves, while center back Park Sung-hoon, fullback Lee Tae-seok, midfielder Hwang Do-yoon and side striker Kang Sung-jin played in the league for the first time in a long time. All four players except Baek were players under the age of 22. “We’ve lost three games in a row, and no coach would deploy four 22-year-old players,” Kim said. “I tried to make changes that much.”

They took advantage of the opportunities and led the team to victory. In particular, Hwang was paired with veteran Ki Sung-yueng in the midfield and engaged in a fierce waist fight with Suwon FC. Making his professional debut in the final match of last season, Hwang appeared in the Korea Cup Seoul E-Land FC match and the eighth round Jeonbuk Hyundai match last month, and this was his third match of this season.

Hwang does not have a large physique, but he is a sluggish style and has good ability to carry the ball ahead in midfield. He was also well-received in his forward dribbling and forward passes during his time at Korea University, where he went on to study after graduating from Osan High School. On the same day, he displayed seamless transition by sending the ball forward in attack, and displayed accurate cover ability in defense as well, revitalizing the midfield.

After the game, he met in the mixed zone. “It was my first start in the league this season, and I’m grateful for the opportunity,” Hwang said with a smile, “The whole point of the team was to focus on defense and not lose any points. I’m glad it went well.”

Coach Kim Ki-dong said before the match that he gave opportunities to players with good attitude at the training ground. “I am always working hard and sincerely during training,” Hwang said.

As for his strengths, he said, “To quickly put forward passes when you take the ball away, and shooting… Rather, he has confidence in his shooting.” His bold shot at the end of the second half of the day was not good enough. “Actually, I didn’t hit many shots in the actual game, so I didn’t get the hang of it. I put too much energy into it,” he said with a smile. “When I go more aggressive, I go at high speed and create a numerical advantage and the ability to head,” he added.

Hwang Do-yoon was substituted in the last match against Jeonbuk in this season’s first league game. At the time, he kicked a long-distance grounder pass deep into the right side from the center. Due to the wet ground in the rain, the ball was connected too hard, but the pass seemed to cut through the ground, impressing the audience. It was similar to the pass that Ki Sung-yueng enjoys playing with. “It is an honor to play with Ki because I dreamed of playing with him since I was really young,” he said of playing with Ki on the day. “I haven’t asked many questions yet, but he told me a lot first.” When asked about his role model, he added, “Of course, it is Seongyong.”

Senior Ki Sung-yueng is also happy to see Hwang do-yoon’s performance. “Doyoon played so well in defense if he was a defender, and in attack if he was an offense. While playing, a young player could lose confidence, but that was nothing like that today. I was confident when I joined the match against Jeonbuk, but the coach gave me the opportunity to see that as well,” he said. “Young players develop quite quickly and learn quickly. If we continue to be more greedy and show consistent performance, our team will have a healthy competitive system. 메이저놀이터 It is an opportunity to grow. I have many chances because of the number of injured people, and I hope we can take advantage of them and develop into competitive players.”

Hwang Do-yoon, born in 2003, is 21 years old this year. He is 14 years younger than Ki, who was born in 1989. Considering that Ki has an early birthday, it is actually his 15th year. It is a time when Kang can change 1.5 times. Nevertheless, the combination of veteran Ki and rookie Hwang Do-yoon will display good teamwork, which will likely give a boost to the Seoul midfield this season.

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