“Fourth year at the forefront of Pohang.” Lee Ho-jae’s spirit. “So that the director doesn’t think about using foreigners.”

He is tall at 193 centimeters, accurate and powerful shooting, and plays in conjunction with others. Now in his fourth year as a professional player, Lee Ho-jae (23) is a good match for the title of Pohang Steelers. His presence as “love” to Pohang fans and “threat” to other teams is an indispensable factor in Pohang’s No. 1 ranking.

Sports Korea met Lee Ho-jae at the club house of the Pohang club located in Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and listened to his feelings and aspirations as a professional in his fourth year.

Lee Ho-jae, who is in his fourth year since his professional debut in Pohang, has been contributing greatly to his team’s leading run by steadily scoring offensive points since the beginning of the season. He played in all of the matches until the 10th round, scoring two goals and three assists. Once he enters the game, half of them are successful in hunting offensive points. The nickname “Ho Jae-hee,” which combines the two players, is popular among Pohang fans, as two of Lee’s three assists helped Jung Jae-hee score a theater goal.

“Since I was a rookie, I have decided to become a player who receives high expectations from fans when I enter the stadium.” As I play to bring the atmosphere to my team, I think offensive points naturally accumulate as well. I am most happy that my team continues to remain undefeated. To win my team, I will do whatever it takes to score or help. In the second half, Jae-hee and I were often deployed together. My brother penetrates into the back space quickly, and I am the type to connect with a header, so we get along well. I have helped my brother score once and there has been no opposite case yet this season, but what is more important is that the team is doing well.”

Lee Ho-jae is also the son of former Seongnam FC coach Lee Ki-hyung, who was called a “canon shooter” during his active career. He also showed off his talent to the extent that he was told by his father, who was very good at shooting, that shooting was his strength from an early age.

“I increased the weight of shooting training compared to last year. Also, if you used to have a lot of strength and swing while shooting, this year, you are taking advantage of your physical strength to relax and hit it. That’s why I got better in terms of strength and impact. My father used to say that ‘shooting is my strength’ since I was a child, but these days, he gives me plain advice to fill in the shortcomings so that I can continue as a starter rather than a replacement card for the second half.”

When his father was a player in New Zealand, Lee naturally went to New Zealand to study soccer from age 7. He said he was able to grow taller back then.

“In New Zealand, weight training was not allowed until middle school, so I was taller than I was then. I trained less than in Korea, and I ate a lot, so I naturally grew taller. After that, while playing in Korea, I thought, ‘I shouldn’t just grow taller,’ 메이저사이트 and I gained muscle mass from high school to college. When I see my teammate Aspro from Australia, I remember my time in New Zealand. Since I can communicate in English and have a consensus about staying abroad, I try to talk as much as possible and take care of him.”

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