After transferring to ‘Hitting King’ Arraez SD, Kim Ha-sung played as the first batter of the season, and Kim Ha-sung was pushed to the first nine of the season

Luis Arraez (27), the “hitting king” who moved to San Diego through a trade from Miami a day ago, will make his first appearance as a leadoff hitter.

Arraez will start as the first hitter in an away game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix, the U.S. on Tuesday (Korea time). San Diego shortstop Kim Ha-sung (29) was assigned as the ninth hitter for the first time in this season.

Before the game, a number of reporters camped at the clubhouse in San Diego. They were to meet Arraez, who was joining the team through a trade. However, he did not show up at the clubhouse opening time, which was open to the media.

According to San Diego’s public relations team leader, Arraez will not have much trouble joining the team as Miami is away in Oakland, Western California. He added that he will also play in the game today as the travel time is not that long. As expected, Arraez will be the first hitter.

San Diego lowered third baseman Greham Foley (24) to Triple-A in the Minor League to make room for Arraez on the 26-man roster.

The one-on-four trade agreed between San Diego and Miami was reached a surprise agreement a day earlier.

The trade details are as follows. Miami is sending Luis Arraez, 27, a former batting champion who has the best contact ability among active hitters in the Major League, to the San Diego Padres. He is renowned as the best teaching hitter, as he has been the batting champion in the National League and the American League for two consecutive years.

Instead of sending Ararez, Miami will receive a total of four players from San Diego in exchange, including pitcher Ko Woo-suk, infield prospects Jacob Masi (23), Nathan Matorella (23), and outfield prospect Dylan Head (20).

All four of them, including Ko, are Minor League players and have no experience playing in Major League Baseball. Head was in Minor League Single A, while Ko and the other three were in Double A. When Mattorella and Marcy were traded during the night game, they immediately left the game and moved to a Minor League team under Miami. The same applies to Ko. After the trade, Ko was transferred to Triple-A team under Miami. 스포츠토토

Of the four, Ko is the only one who is on the 40-member Major League list. Although he has yet to make his Major League debut, he is treated as a big league player in medical insurance and other documents. However, the trade deal will not likely cause any sudden call-ups in the Major League.

Local media and Major League Baseball officials in the U.S. predicted, “The addition of Arraez is likely to affect the position of San Diego shortstop Kim Ha-sung (29).

As of Thursday, San Diego has maintained its No. 2 position in the Western Division of the National League with 17 wins and 18 losses and a 0.486 win rate this season. The team has been doing well in the wild card race by just half a game. With Arraez joining the team and his sluggish batting performance in recent months, fans are paying keen attention to how Kim Ha-sung will change his status as the first hitter of this season.

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