“Lee Jung-hoo’s play, I can’t believe it” 60 billion colleagues ‘extreme praise again’ and ‘abusive thanks to the shock of lake rain → unusual thanks’

“You have to tell him how good the play was.”
Increasing the value of Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants) does not stop at sophisticated hitting. Lee Jung-hoo is recognized for his true value in defense capability, which received less attention during the KBO league.

Lee Jung-hoo started the 2024 Major League Baseball away game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 4th (Korea time) and recorded one hit and one strikeout in five times at bat.

The defense drew more attention on the day than the hit. Lee Jung-hoo, who immediately drew applause with his fantastic diving catch after missing a hit in the sun at the match against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, continued his stellar defense play at Citizens Bank Park, where he will play for the first time.

Lee Jung-hoo, who quickly chased Bryson Statt’s ball in the bottom of the third inning when he allowed a 2-3 reversal with a fielder’s error, two walks and two hits, caught the ball on the warring track in front of the central fence to prevent additional runs, made a more surprising “The Catch” in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Leading hitter Johan Rojas’ fastball of 101.7 miles per hour (163.7 kilometers) headed for the central fence, and Lee Jung-hoo, who was leaning somewhat to the right, sprinted more than 20 meters and managed to clear the ball with the tip of his glove at the end. According to Baseball Servant, a statistical site specializing in U.S. baseball, it was a tricky hit with an expected batting average of 0.490, and Lee Jung-hoo could not overcome the speed after catching it and only stopped after hitting the fence.

The fans of Citizens Bank Park were frozen by Lee Jung-hoo’s rain, and the broadcasting crew gave a series of exclamations. “Lee Jung-hoo made a huge catch by sprinting at the Warning Track in the center left, and Jordan Hicks agrees (He made the catch ‘WHAT A PLAY’ by Jung Ho Lee on the dead in the gap in left center and yes, Jordan Hicks I agree it man).”
Hicks’ reaction, which was also highlighted by the broadcaster, added value to his defense. Hicks raised his arms to Lee Jung-hoo’s defense, which saved him, and looked incredulous.

The San Francisco Chronicle, a local media outlet in San Francisco, said, “Lee Jung-hoo caused awe by catching Rojas’ line drive with a backhand,” adding, “The broadcast camera captured Hicks, and he spat out swear words in shock.”

According to another media outlet, Larry Brown Sports, the swear word had an “F sound.” “If Lee Jeong-hoo hadn’t moved quickly, Rojas could have made a triple,” the media said, adding that Hicks’ swear words were “Holly fxx.” The swear words were highly praised. This proves that the defense was surprising enough to unknowingly call out abusive language while the television was broadcast on TV.

San Francisco posted a video of Lee Jung-hoo’s defense on the team’s social networking service account, praising Lee’s defensive ability by saying, “Are you kidding Lee Jung-hoo?” in Korean. 메이저놀이터

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hicks’ admiration seems to be beyond mere gratitude and surprise. “Hicks went to the dugout and asked Justin Hahn, Lee Jung-hoo’s interpreter, to translate exactly how much he appreciated the catch,” the media said. Beyond just expressing gratitude, the reaction is rather unusual.

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