“Olympic frustration.” Kang Sang-yoon, “I’m sorry… It’s time to focus on the team with points to reflect on.”

Kang Sang-yoon apologized for failing to advance to the Olympics.

Suwon FC lost to Gangwon FC 1-2 in the 11th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” held at Suwon Stadium at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Suwon FC ranked fifth with 15 points and Gangwon FC ranked fourth with 15 points.

Suwon FC focused on Gangwon’s defense throughout the first half. Ji Dong-won dropped the ball with his head or Jeong Seung-won actively penetrated into the right side to seek opportunities. However, no score was scored in the first half. In the second half, Lee Seung-woo was the troubleshooter. Lee scored a grounder in the penalty box to split the net. Gangwon Province also attempted to counterattack, and was defeated 1-2 as Cho Jin-hyuk and Jeong Han-min scored.

After the game, Kang said, “I think we will perform as well as we have prepared. However, the result is quite disappointing. I think we need to study a lot of decisive factors in offensive areas to supplement our performance.”

After finishing the U-23 Asian Cup, he returned to Korea on the 27th. He rested during the week due to coach Kim Eun-joong’s consideration. “I’m always trying to be in 100 percent condition. I’m in good condition now,” Kang said of his physical condition.

Hwang finished the U-23 Asian Cup by losing to Indonesia in the quarterfinals. “I have nothing to say. I feel very sorry to all the people and senior soccer players. However, the competition is over and now it is time to focus on the league and the team with the points of self-reflection in mind.” 스포츠토토

Coach Kim Eun-joong has played for the U-23 national team. He knew how Kang felt better than anyone else. “Kim Eun-joong told me it was time to recover my mind and body and focus on the team. It must have been hard because of the competition, but he also said he wanted me to focus on the team,” Kang said.

Suwon FC successfully completed the first round robin. Suwon FC is in fifth place with 15 points. Kang, who joined this season, is still in the process of adapting himself to the game. Kang said, “I think we need to supplement areas where there are no offensive points. As we play every game, our view seems to be broadening. I think that’s a positive part. We need to supplement that part because we have to be calm in front of the goalpost.”

On his goal, Kang stressed, “I want to be the most helpful to the team. I hope the team’s performance and the content of the team’s game will be better than now.”

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