Time needed for Lee to score? 45 minutes is enough!

Lee Seung-woo is a man of the second half. He has four goals and two assists in the second half.

Suwon FC lost to Gangwon FC 1-2 in the 11th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” held at Suwon Stadium at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Suwon FC ranked fifth with 15 points and Gangwon FC ranked fourth with 15 points.

This year, Lee has been playing both as a starter and a substitute. Before the game, coach Kim Eun-joong revealed the criteria for selecting Lee. “We are not the team that leads the game. We need to defend a lot, and we agonized over when we can effectively use (Lee) Seung-woo’s offensive talent. Seung-woo shines even more when he enters the second half. He tries to maximize his strength,” Kim said.

Lee Seung-woo proved in this game what coach Kim Eun-joong said. Lee Seung-woo stepped on the ground in the 11th minute of the second half when he was replaced by Kang Sang-yoon. With Lee Seung-woo coming in, details of Suwon FC’s offense increased. Lee Seung-woo showed excellent ball possession in the central region and played the game. He knocked on Gangwon’s goal with a bold breakthrough and shooting.

It has finally paid off. In the 30th minute of the second half, Lee Seung-woo exchanged views with Andersson, aiming for a chance inside the penalty box. Lee Seung-woo attempted to shoot at a fast tempo ahead of the defense. Lee’s shot was grounded out and shook the net. The score came 19 minutes after the substitute was deployed.

Lee played in nine league games this year. Of them, only three were starters. Lee failed to score even one offensive point in the starting lineup. In contrast, he had four goals and two assists in six games as a substitute. He earned offensive points in all but one game. As Coach Kim Eun-joong said, Lee is a more threatening player when he comes in as a substitute.

The reason why Lee Seung-woo is threatening when he plays as a substitute is clear. Because he has a physical advantage, he can easily carry out offensive work. Suwon FC plays against opponents rather than leading the game. Second and third-line resources require a lot of activity because they have to follow the build-up. 먹튀검증

Coach Kim Eun-joong is using Lee as a substitute to prevent Lee from exhausting physical strength due to his defensive moves and failing to display robustness in situations where he is in need of offense. Moreover, if he is replaced as a substitute, he has no choice but to be physically superior to the opponent team’s defense. Due to multiple reasons, Lee has been able to display stellar performance as a “special joker” this year.

Coach Kim Eun-joong praised Lee for his scoring ability. “Lee Seung-woo is naturally talented in scoring goals. The same applies to his poise in front of the goal. I think that what I can do is create opportunities and give good opportunities to players. If strikers have confidence and calmness, they will be able to score more goals,” he said.

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