‘Records continue!’ Gimcheon Sangmu continues unbeaten in 9 games with 2 consecutive wins against Jeonbuk

Gimcheon Sangmu will face Jeonbuk Hyundai for the second time this season.

The Gimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team will play an away match against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (hereinafter Jeonbuk) in the 14th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” at 2 p.m. on the 25th. Gimcheon Sangmu is determined to continue its unbeaten streak of nine games with two consecutive wins against Jeonbuk.

□ 8 games unbeaten after the draw. Now 9 games unbeaten

Pohang’s record for most undefeated K-League 1 games this season was 11, which was halted when Pohang lost to Suwon FC on the 19th. Gimcheon Sangmu’s unbeaten streak is ongoing.

Gimcheon was unbeaten in eight matches with its victory over Jeju Island. With the most undefeated matches this season and three more matches remaining, Gimcheon aims to beat Jeonbuk to continue its nine-match unbeaten streak.

There are many positive factors in Gimcheon Sangmu’s nine-game unbeaten streak challenge. First of all, I remember winning my first showdown with Jeonbuk. Gimcheon Sangmu won 1-0 at home on March 17 thanks to Kim Hyun-wook’s goal. In terms of the game, it was slightly behind Jeonbuk, but it was concentrated until the end to win its first victory against Jeonbuk.

While unbeaten in eight games, the team’s momentum has also risen a lot. In particular, Kim Tae-hyun saved his team from defeat with a fantastic equalizer against Ulsan on the 12th. In addition to scoring goals in two consecutive games against Jeju, he broke the chain of three draws and led his team to eight undefeated games, winning the 13R MVP title
He did. Jeonbuk’s sluggish performance with one win, one draw and three losses in its recent five games is also expected to give the team a green light to its bid for an unbeaten run in nine matches of Gimcheon Sangmu.

□ Kim Jin-kyu, Won Doo-jae, the core of the Gimcheon Sangmu midfield

Midfielder Kim Jin-gyu and Won Doo-jae are the core players of Gimcheon Sangmu’s midfield. The two players dominate the midfield based on stable ball possession and pass capability, becoming the center of Gimcheon Sangmu’s Pass Football.

In the last match against Jeju, the two players’ abilities were remarkably displayed. At the beginning of the first half, Kim Cheon-sang, who was struggling with Jeju’s pressure, slowly released the pressure with Won Doo-jae’s long pass ability first. When Won Doo-jae’s pass connected to several shots, Jeju began to bite the entire line back. 메이저놀이터

Afterwards, Kim Jin-gyu shined. Kim Jin-gyu worked hard on the half-line, serving as a link between offense and defense. In the first goal scene, he also contributed to the goal by giving politicians a sensuous penetration pass, and especially after passing, he moved near the penalty box to disperse the Jeju defense, helping Kim Tae-hyun shoot comfortably.

Gimcheon Sangmu will also play a dominant pass football against Jeonbuk based on the capabilities of the two players.

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