“First starter” Lingard in the K-League, light movements amid concerns…Will it be a big boost for director Kim Ki-dong

After returning from knee injury, Jesse Lingard of England displayed consistent performance in his first starting game since joining FC Seoul, signaling his presence. Attention is focusing on whether Lingard, who returned after joining FC Seoul, will be able to lead Seoul’s rebound.

Lingard started the 13th round home game of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Daegu FC at 4:30 p.m. on the 19th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and played for 63 minutes. Lingard stepped up, but Seoul failed to win consecutive games, losing 1-2 to Daegu at home.

The game had previously attracted the attention of many soccer fans whether Lingard would play or not. Lingard was out of power for a long time after suffering a knee problem after the third round match of the league against Jeju United on March 16. Lingard, who has been feeling much better this month, checked his physical condition in a practice match ahead of the match against Daegu, and recovered enough to play the actual game.

Manager Kim Ki-dong immediately started Lingard. “Lingard’s physical condition is not complete yet. I agonized over not being able to play the practice match for very long. I put him in the second half, but thought that he could be replaced again because I couldn’t keep up with the tempo of the game, so I put him in the first half,” Kim told reporters before the match.

Amid a mixture of expectations and concerns, Lingard stepped on Sangam Lawn for the first time in a long time. He couldn’t keep up with the tempo of the game in the beginning, but soon he found the flow and supported his teammates. He showed a strong performance by driving the ball forward in the midfield or handing out threatening passes to his teammates in the final third area. Although he returned after two months, he harmonized with his teammates without any major problems.

In particular, after a simple ball touch in the 33rd minute of the first half, he pushed the pass to Kang Sung-jin, creating a decisive scoring opportunity. According to “B-Proleven,” an additional data provider in the K-League, Lingard in the match against Daegu recorded 33 successful passes (success rate of 89%), one successful competition with aerial ball, one successful tackle, one clearing, and two interceptions. Although he failed to score a shot, he finished his return match by serving as a starting point for the opponent team several times.

“I lacked a lot during the practice matches, but I was able to de-pressurize and pass the game,” coach Kim Ki-dong said after the match. “I was worried a lot, but the game went well, so I gave him more time than I thought.” 먹튀검증

“After the injury, I underwent surgery, and even though I was not in good condition, I spent more time than I expected. I played a lot of role in getting passed and connecting people. When my physical condition improves, I think I will be able to see him moving in the opponent’s space together,” he said, hinting at how to use Lingard.

Coach Kim Ki-dong desperately needs Lingard’s performance that can add progress and creativity on the offensive side. Seoul’s atmosphere has been changing since Kim Ki-dong took office, but he has suffered from a recent four-game home losing streak and other losses. Seoul, where Lingard has returned, aims for three points and a reversal of atmosphere in the away match of the Pohang Steelers on the 25th.

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