Japan and Iran must be avoided if they want to cruise through the World Cup…2 consecutive games in June that have become important

The South Korean national soccer team, which has hurriedly appointed interim coach Kim Do-hoon, will meet with Singapore and China next month. The team is superior in both overall performance and capacity, but it should not be taken lightly. To qualify for the World Cup finals beyond the third qualifying round, the team must win two consecutive games in June.

The South Korean national soccer team will play the 5th and 6th rounds of Group C of the second qualifying round for the “2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup” against Singapore (away) and China (home) on the 6th and 11th of next month.

Korea has been undefeated in the second qualifying round so far until the fourth qualifying round. As Korea is currently at the top of Group C with three wins and one draw (10 points, plus a difference of +11), it is expected that Korea will be able to advance to the first place in the group and the third qualifying round.

However, as the Korean national team’s goal is more than the World Cup finals, not the third qualifying round, it must play in the remaining two games with the goal of one pot, not the first place in the group.

Unlike the previous World Cup, the number of teams will increase from two to three in the third qualifying round for this year’s World Cup. A total of 18 countries will be divided into three groups to compete for the place in the World Cup finals.

Japan (18th) and Iran (20th), which are currently ranked first in Group B and E and are certain to advance to the third round of qualifying, will take the top two spots.

South Korea and Australia compete for the remaining top seed spot, with the FIFA rankings of the two countries ranking 23rd and 24th, respectively, only one step apart.

There is also a high possibility that the ranking against Australia will be reversed depending on the results of the remaining 5th and 6th games.

In fact, Australia overtook Korea for a while as South Korea drew 1-1 against Thailand in the third round of the second qualifying round in March.

If South Korea misses the top seed and goes to two ports, it will be in a group with one of Japan, Iran and Australia in the third qualifying round, which is expected to lead to a tough competition.

On the other hand, if you receive the top seed, you can avoid competition with the three countries and enjoy the advantage of being assigned a lot of home games at the beginning of the third qualifying round.

If the team confirms its qualification for the World Cup finals in the third round, it can speed up preparations for the finals compared to other teams that will play in the fourth round. As the Korean team has yet to appoint an official coach, it needs to ensure sufficient time before the finals.

Singapore and China are not difficult opponents. The Korean team met the two teams in the first and second rounds, and they won landslide 5-0 and 3-0 respectively.

However, it is feared that considerable fatigue has accumulated as national team captain Son Heung-min moves to Australia at the end of the league to play a friendly match.

It is also important for Kim Min-jae, who had a disappointing season, such as losing to the main competition in his team, to recover his condition. 스포츠토토

Above all, the key is how fast coaches and players work together as they will conduct their first training in Singapore after appointing Kim on the 20th and announcing the national team’s roster in a week.

Australia will play the fifth and sixth games against Bangladesh (184th) and Palestine (93rd). As Australia is expected to dominate in both games, the Korean national team should also win in both games in June.

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