Lee Chang-won, the new coach of the U-19 national team, has three keywords…Results, skills, and motivation.”

Korea’s recent achievements at the two FIFA U-20 World Cups have been remarkable. It advanced to the semifinals for the second consecutive time at the 2019 World Cup in Poland (quasi-winner) and the 2023 World Cup in Argentina (ranked fourth), showing off its highly competitive edge.
Naturally, expectations are higher than ever for next year’s Chile competition. The Korea Football Association has also recently appointed coach Lee Chang-won (49) as the head coach of the U-19 national team and is preparing for the Chile competition. Having been reborn as a “fostering expert” after passing through Pohang Iron and Steel High School, Daegu Art University, and Dongmyeong University, he said in an interview with Sports Dong-A on Sunday, “I am well aware of the significance of Taegeuk mark. I will lay the groundwork for promising players to grow up nicely,” adding, “In the end, we need to achieve good results in international competitions to make their growth shine. We will catch both the results and the development.”

Lee, who played 143 games (one goal, one assist) for the Jeonnam Dragons and Pohang Steelers during his active career, lowered his attitude by saying that although he tried hard, he lacked talent. Still, he was confident that he had a teacher’s blessing. He was coached by masters such as Heo Jung-moo and Sergio Parias (Brazil) and laid the foundation for him to become a good leader.

He is also well aware of the weight of the U-19 national team coach position. This is why he immediately started to check and figure out the players. Through the 2014 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Indonesia, 18-year-old players including Yang Min-hyuk (Kangwon FC) showed off their skills. On the other hand, few 19-year-old players stand out on the professional stage except for Jeong Ma-ho (Asan, South Chungcheong Province). Having said that he should continue to sell his talents, he is looking for resources that can help the U-19 national team.

Keywords that Lee emphasized are also interesting. It is a balance between results, skills and motivation. Many soccer players say that process and growth are more important than results for national teams of different age groups, but Lee had a different idea. “No growth without results” was short but clear, showing his commitment to achieve good results in international competitions. 먹튀검증

“As long as the national team is convened according to different age groups, it may not be easy to fully employ my tactics. I will focus on flexible tactics and checking the players’ conditions,” Lee said. “Every moment will be a burden and an opportunity for the players. With skills and motivation, I will help both the team and the players grow steadily.”

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