For the first time since the commercialization of the phone, Philadelphia is racing to “forget the defeat” this year

Will Philadelphia take the “work” this year? At this point, it is not easy to find an opponent.

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the Texas Rangers 5-2 in an away game on May 24 (Korea Standard Time). The win swept three consecutive away games to Texas and enabled the team to continue its six-game winning streak. The win was Philadelphia’s 37th for this season. The team, which has grabbed six straight wins, raised its win rate to 0.725 (based on the record of 5/24).

The Philadelphia Phillies are currently the only team in the entire Major League with a 70 percent winning rate. It ranks first in the National League East and has the highest overall winning rate. It is already six games apart from the Atlanta Braves, who rank second in the entire league. The team also has a different winning rate from the New York Yankees (35 wins, 17 losses, 0.673), who rank second overall in the Major League.

The latest record of 35 games is even greater. Philadelphia’s recent record of 35 games is a whopping 29 wins and six losses, with a whopping 0.829. According to , the last time Philadelphia recorded 29-6 losses during a span of 35 games was in 1892. More than a century has passed. 1892 was the year when the telephone was commercialized due to the invention of the automatic switchboard, and it was even before the establishment of the New York Yankees, one of the most prestigious baseball teams with 27 World Series titles.

Philadelphia is on a historic run. Expectations are growing as it has completely emerged from the “darkness” of the decade.

One of the oldest teams in the Major League, Philadelphia boasts a whopping 142 years of history. It was also the epitome of a weak player who became the first professional sports player in the world to lose 10,000 games. While the Yankees, which was founded 20 years late, lifted the World Series trophy 27 times, Philadelphia only won it twice. From the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, Philadelphia showed strength for a while, and took off with the mound’s Fantastic Four in the late 2000s, but its heyday was short.

Philadelphia, which failed to advance to the postseason for 10 consecutive years from 2012 to 2021, made a huge splash after reaching the postseason as a wild card in 2022 and finished second in the World Series as a wild card again last season and even played the league championship series as a wild card. Although it has been reborn as a “scary team in autumn” with a strong fall sensation for two consecutive years, few people expected Philadelphia to show an overwhelming performance in the regular season. As Atlanta, dubbed the “strongest,” is located in the National League East, it is expected that the team will compete for a wild card again this year.

However, Philadelphia is the scariest team in the entire Major League. As the team is nearing the mid-season of its season, it is the team with good pitching and hitting, and it has no weaknesses. It ranks third in overall team OPS (0.758), first in overall team scoring (277), first in overall team RBIs (263), fourth in stolen bases (59), third in overall team ERA (3.14), and first in overall starting ERA (2.64). Its weakness is that it ranks 21st overall in bullpen ERA (4.20), but its starters and batters are incredibly strong. Only Yankees (ranked first in OPS and ERA) are ahead of Philadelphia in both team OPS and ERA in the entire Major League.

Ace Jack Willer (11G 6-3, ERA 2.53) and Bryce Harper (.281/.390/.544 12HR 37RBI), who succeeded in transforming into first baseman, and Alec Bohm (.323/.379/.519 5HR 46RBI) of the batting line-up and Ranger Suarez (10G 9-0, ERA 1.36) of the mound are leading the team by exploding their potential.

Kyle Schwarber, J.T. Realmutter, Brandon Marsh, and Aaron Nola, Christopher Sanchez, Spencer Turnbull, Jeff Hoffman, and Jose Alvarado are supporting them with solid performances on the mound. Trey Turner was injured and Nick Casteyanos, Serantoni Dominguez and Gregory Soto were sluggish, but other players filled the gap firmly.

Of course, there are other factors of concern, such as the bullpen, which relies heavily on certain players, and the defense, which is Philadelphia’s biggest weakness. However, Philadelphia has been investing heavily. With the exception of Suarez, most of its current players are performing fairly well, which is not unexpectedly good, so chances are slim that their pace will drop sharply. Castellanos, who showed his worst performance in the early days, is gradually recovering. 안전놀이터

Philadelphia showed off its potential even though it started fall from a low point in both seasons. It looks stronger than the previous two years since the regular season, but it could also show off a stronger run this season. After two years of “adaptation” after 10 years of dark ages, Philadelphia may be preparing to rise to the top again this year.

Of course, the season is still much longer. There are still more than 100 games left per team, so anything can happen. Attention is focusing on how Philadelphia, which has risen properly, will end this season.

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