“Otani, stand up!” “Araez, who is No. 1 in batting with ‘crazy driving’, closely chased Ohtani by 7 ri… 20 hits in 8 games.”

Luis Arraez (San Diego Padres)’s “Moving” is scary.
Arraez, who had become the batting champion for two consecutive years, had four hits in a game against the Cincinnati Reds on Monday (Korea time). He had four hits in a row following the previous day.

Arraez continued his streak of multiple hits (more than two hits in one game) for eight consecutive games. In the process, he posted a batting average of 0.526 (20 hits in 38 times at bat).

Arraez had a batting average of 0.299 before the trade. He played in 17 games with the San Diego Padres, posting a batting average of 0.419 (31 hits in 74 times at bat), elevating his batting average for this season to 0.341. This is only a seven-ri gap versus Shohei Ohtani’s (LA Dodgers), who ranks first in batting average. As Ohtani tends to focus more on home runs than batting average, it is only a matter of time before Arraez becomes the No. 1 hitter in batting average.

Arraez, who played only 16 games in Triple-A in 2019 and was called up, recorded a 0.334/0.399/0439 line in 92 games that year, securing a spot as the second baseman for the Minnesota Twins at once.

In 2020, with a 60-game system, he played only 32 games due to injury, leaving him with a 0.321/0.364/0.402.

In 2021, due to team circumstances, he played as a utility man who turned around the third and second basemen`s corners in the outfield. He played just 0.294/0.357/0.376 in 121 games.

Up until this point, no one thought Arraez would become the batting king.

However, he stopped Aaron Judge’s Triple Crown when he finished the season with the No. 1 American League batting average with 0.316 in 144 games in 2022, and overtook Shohei Ohtani to become the first winner of the utility Silver Slugger.

Minnesota traded Arraez to Miami to bolster its starting lineup. Instead, it received Pablo López, Jose Salas and Brian Julio.

Despite the change of circumstances to the National League, his bat never knew how to cool down. In the 2023 season, he recorded his third homerun of this season in a game on June 25 (Korea Standard Time), posting a batting average of 0.401. 토토사이트

As of August 1, he still had a chance of .400 with a batting average of 0.381, but he suffered a severe slump and ended the season with a batting average of 0.354. However, as he ranked first in batting average, he became the first player to win the title of batting champion in different leagues for two consecutive years.

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